top five friday.

here are this week's top five favs:

#1. love notes. ever since i've known zachary, we've had an ongoing game where we hide love notes for each other and see how long it takes for the other person to find them. he's always been better at it than me and has made it months before i've found some of his notes. it's a pleasant surprise when one pops up. kinda makes my day actually. sometimes he doesn't actually hide them though and leaves them out in the open for me to find. he's really good at the i-want-to-cheer-you-up-because-you're-grumpy kind, but my favorites are the just-because kind. this week i woke up to one of those little beauties taped to our fridge and i'm pretty sure it left me smiling all day long.

#2. cereal. i may or may not have had cereal for 11 out of 14 meals this week. don't judge. you would think i was pregnant for how much i crave the dang stuff. {don't worry, i'm not.} it could be just the cravings or it could be the fact that i have no motivation to make up a grocery list and go shopping for real food. therefore we've lived on cereal and pancakes all week long. my conclusion is that you can never have enough breakfast foods.

#3. beautiful scenery on my run:
we are lucky to have a huge park right behind our house that we go running in every night and this is the view we get when doing so. it's even more breathtaking in person.

#4. this article from the most recent issue of the ensign. holy cow it's good. for any of you that are looking to strengthen your marriage, {cause let's be honest, no marriage is perfect} then this is one article that you have got to read. it was the focus for our family home evening lesson this week and it definitely gave us a lot to think about.

#5. my husband proving that he's really just a kid at heart. i was in the other room and noticed he was talking to himself. when i walked in i saw him playing with his remote control helicopter, acting out the parts of the pilot and co-pilot in a british accent. this video might not even be funny to you, but i couldn't stop laughing. maybe it's one of those things that you just had to witness to appreciate.

what are your favorite things this week?

-the wife


  1. You guys are ridiculously cute!!! PS I am tagging your blog in a post tomorrow! XO

  2. Oh no way! What is your blog address?

  3. i love you. and i wish you could see what we've been eating. its bad, folks. way bad. i need some nikki to teach me how to get up and make real food daily. lunch at my house is carrots and hunks of cheese, if he's lucky... ;)

    ps - noticed the new cuteness on the blerg and i LOVE it! {i hope you sang that appropriately in your head whilst reading it}

    miss you already. play again soon?

  4. Haha thank you! Maybe we should combine our efforts and have a real meal this week? I want to hang out with you guys again before you leave...so sad.


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