top five friday.

i know this is coming in a little late, but it's been a really busy day and we just barely got internet, so don't hold it against me! here are my top 5 favorite things from the week. i want to hear yours in return, so link up below!

#1 - real breakfasts. we've been living on cereal for the last month or so. i never thought i'd say this, but cereal gets old - quicker than i thought. luckily, i have the greatest husband in the world that was kind enough to make me a real breakfast: corned beef hash and eggs.

it was actually really good. i'm so glad i married a man that can cook! now, to work on the styrofoam plates and plasticware...

2 - going on walks. we went on a nice stroll last monday and where did we end up? the cemetery. weird, i know. we stayed there for a good hour, just taking in the moment while talking about everything from how funny antelope are to what we are going to name our first child. you would never guess that a cemetery would be the perfect place to relax and enjoy some time together. but then again, it was rather gorgeous. i think we found our new favorite spot.

3 - mini golf. oh, and popsicles. and when you put the two together, it turns out to be fantastic.

sadly, i lost. i hate losing. but on a brighter note, bonnie was a champion and got a hole in one...twice! it was freaking incredible.

4 - tea parties. a friend stopped by with her girls yesterday and amidst the chatting, i got an invitation to attend their tea party that they were throwing. i wouldn't be able to truly call myself a girl if i were to pass up a tea party! not to mention, my hosts were adorable.

on the menu was rainbow bread, star-shaped cheese, banana caterpillars, chocolate chip muffins, colored eggs, and chocolate-dipped oreos. oh, and you can't forget this fabulous drink:

isn't that so cool?? i can't get over the fact that it actually worked. i want to make drinks like this for every holiday! and i'm also pretty sure that i need to have tea parties more often.

5 - finally, the air force. they had a change in command for the 20th air force today {basically, that's a really big deal} and i went to watch the whole shebang.

it was all official with a military band and generals walking around everywhere and the mr. was even able to be in the march! i was kicking myself the entire time for forgetting my camera, but my phone worked just fine. can you see him? he's in the second row from the back, second person in. 

anyway, i've been kind of overwhelmed lately about how grateful i am for the air force or rather our country's military in general. i saw a picture last night that said "wouldn't it be nice if schools were fully funded and the military had to have bake sales to buy bombs?" stuff like this makes me sick. i'm not trying to downplay the importance of education, but if only people knew how much our military, the people that are literally defending our lives, are under-funded and under-manned, they'd think twice about posting things like that. so, next time you hear someone bad-mouthing our military, do the men and women in uniform a favor and stick up for them! they need it and would greatly appreciate it.

have a great weekend my friends!

-the mrs.

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  1. Thanks for the link up! Also, sorry you lost your min golf game! Your frustration with losing does make me chuckle a little cause your frustration is definitely apparent in your post! Chin up! You did win The Versatile Blogger Award from lil ol me! Congrats!


  2. I completely agree with your frustrations with people hating on the military. I'm jealous of you and your husband's cooking abilities! My guy is slowly learning how to cook. Maybe one day I'll get an amazing meal like yours. =)


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