top five friday.

i have to be completely honest - this week was a little difficult for me to come up with five things that were so great. i really haven't done much at all. ever since we picked up copper on sunday, i think i've left the house five times. and two of those times were with him. if i'm not outside waiting for him to pee, i'm inside, unable to move because he decided he has to take a nap on my lap. case in point:

this was taken five minutes ago. this dog has some serious separation issues. hopefully they'll even out with time. anyway, bear with me as i share my favorite things from this week, no matter how small or trivial they may seem.

#1 - peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

i don't remember when i fell in love with these things, but something about them brings me some serious satisfaction. we had a ginormous thunderstorm this week and i soon found out that pb and banana sandwiches are a big comfort food for me. i could probably eat them every day and not get bored.

#2 - girl's night. the mr. lucked out in getting so many girls in his class in california. or i guess i should say that i lucked out in him getting so many girls in his class. there are five of them and one of the guys from his class is married too. so, all seven of us had a girl's night this last week and can i just say that it was so wonderful to get some serious girl talk in? i love every one of those girls. they have seriously become like family to us. i don't know what we would do without them!

#3 - i got a little stalkerish this week. like big time. please don't judge. it was for a good cause! i know i've talked about our first dog, jetta, about a billion times on this blog and i'm sure you are all sick of it. but, i can't even tell you how many times i've wondered in the past year how she is doing, whether or not she is being taken care of, etc. well, the guy we sold her to was an insurance salesman. and like all salesmen, i guess he felt that it was his duty to give us his business card. i think we tossed it that night, but i will never forget his name. me, being my curious self, looked him up on facebook this week. i just wanted to know if he still had jetta and what she looked like. well, folks, this is what i got:

what a beast! seriously, talk about huge! she looks fabulous though. there were a few other pictures that made it look like she was really being taken care of and is happy. i can't even tell you how much good that does for my heart!

#4 - jo totes. never heard of them? they're only the cutest, most stylish {and roomiest!} camera bags in the world. i need one. i've entered four giveaways for one in the last three days. cross your fingers for me! here are my two favs. they're to die for!

 #5 - my little sister called me this week and told me that she wants to come see me...tomorrow! i'm so excited!! i've been trying to plan out fun things for us to do all week. there's nothing like a spontaneous visit from your family. not only will it be fun to hang out with her, but i won't have to drive to utah by myself next week either. hooray for driving buddies!

thanks for stopping by friends. hope you have a great friday!

-the mrs.

what your your top 5 favorite things from this week? grab this button and link up below, so we can all read about it!!

Zachary and Sarah


  1. Oh my gosh those camera bags are adorable!! I thought they were just cute slouchy purses. Lusting!

  2. Just linked up! THanks for such a fun link party! Also.. LOVE Jo Totes! I own two and they are simply AMAZING! I am so glad to see Jetta is well! How fun you got to see pictures!

  3. copper and jetta are sweeties! and i love pb&banana sandwiches, I also love nutella and banana as well :) looking forward to seeing more posts, i'm following you!

  4. The pups look so adorable! Awesome post (and link up too!)

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