top five friday.

1 - "taste of fort collins". don't know what that is? imagine every single restaurant and shop in town, setting up a booth and lining the streets, just to give away free samples of food. on top of that, throw in a free concert and a pizza eating contest and you've got yourself the perfect way to spend your saturday. here's the gang eating lunch: 

and a creepy, yet entertaining picture of the mr. and i:

to sum it up, it was a freaking blast.

2 - trains. i'm not sure what it is about trains that i love so much. maybe it's the fact that as a child they're these huge, magnificent things and then as an adult, they are still these huge, magnificent things. i'm fascinated by them every time i see them. so when one of them came right down main street in fort collins last week, i couldn't help but stop and stare.

i love that there are trains all over this place!

3 - buffalo wing pretzels.

don't knock it until you've tried it people, because these things are like a piece of heaven in your mouth. they have become my new favorite addiction.

4 - morning time cuddles with the mr.

seriously, how cute is this guy? i just want to kiss the crap out of that face. mmm, baby!

5 - it's moving day!!! goodbye to a month and a half of living out of a suit case. good bye to sleeping on an air mattress. and sadly, goodbye to our roomie, morgan. {sniff sniff} but, hello to our wonderful house!!

i've been looking forward to this day for months and i'm so happy to say that it's finally here! don't mind me if i'm mia for the next few days. between the unpacking, the decorating, and the soaking in every minute, i'll kind of have my hands full.

happy friday my friends!

-the mrs.

p.s. i want to hear your top five things that you loved this week! grab this button and link up with me below, so i can read all about it!

Zachary and Sarah


  1. Your new house is so cute! Good luck with the move and have fun :)

  2. Now we will need to see what the INSIDE of your house looks like! And just linked up!

  3. buffalo wing pretzels?!!? Just when I thought the cheddar tiny twists were the best pretzels around... :)

  4. Such a cute house! Want to see how the decorating went :)


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