is that normal?

i'm linking up for the very first time with allyce {uh-lease} today over at chalk in the rain for an 'is that normal?' post! i'm so excited to share my thoughts on some of these normal and not-so-normal topics. so here we go. *ah-ah-ahem*

1 - is it normal to pretend you didn't already know about someone/something via facebook when it comes up in "real life" conversation with that person?

that depends. do i talk to this person frequently? or does my in-depth knowledge of their personal life make me look like a creepy stalker? if you answered yes to question one, then no, you're a weirdo. if you answered yes to question two, then yes, it's completely normal.

2 - is it normal to "fart and walk away?"

my husband and friend came home from work yesterday with a story about this actually. let's be honest, we all do it. so yes, it's normal. but if there are 10+ of you in a small, enclosed room - take it upon yourself to just clench and bear it, my friends.

3 - is it normal to spy on your neighbors?

yes, most definitely. just don't get caught. that makes things awkward.

4 - is it normal to read your boyfriend's/husband's texts?

i have every right to read the mr's texts and vice versa, but i don't really have a need to. i usually end up reading about how he just got to level 9 on his new video game or how he just unlocked this cool, new weapon. then i just get bored. like i said: i have the right, but i have neither the need nor the desire. and unless you are worried about your man cheating on you, which gives you a whole other load of problems, then no. it is not normal.

5 - is it normal to compulsively check social media for notifications?

psssh...people do that? that is so not normal. pfft. *guiltily looks around* ok, fine. you caught me. i am the queen of doing this. i blame part of it on the fact that i have nothing else to do in the day and part of it on the idea that i just want to know what's going on in people's lives. give me some gossip people!

6 - is it normal for a 20-something woman to listen to rap/hip hop?

well...i'm a 20-something woman. and i like to listen to hip hop. and i'm pretty normal. {i think} so yes, it's perfectly normal.

7 - is it normal to take toiletries from a hotel?

you can bet your bottom dollar that it is! i don't know if i've ever left a hotel without at least taking the lotion and toothpaste. it's not like they're going to reuse it again anyway. it's like getting travel items for free! {except you just paid a hundred bucks for the room. boo.}

8 - is it normal for your dog to sleep in your bed?

i read a lot about dogs before we got our dog, jetta. and even though we were pansies and only had her for a week, i did learn a lot about how to train them. that was one of the first rules - never let your dog sleep in your bed with you. it keeps them from being able to see the line between owner and pet, pack leader and follower. so, logically speaking? no, it's not normal. but, when the mr. is pulling alerts and will be gone over night, leaving wimpy me to fend for myself - there is no way i'll be sleeping in that bed alone. so to you, my future doggy: you had better be a good cuddler because that will be your job whether you like it or not!

9 - is it normal to taste test grapes out of the bag at a grocery store?

two words: escherichia coli. you know...that little bacteria that causes diarrhea, the runs, backdoor trots, etc.? all from a tiny, little, unwashed grape...

just kidding, i eat unwashed grapes all the time. and while you're only eating like a penny's worth of grapes when you try one at the store, most places will actually let you sample any produce for free if you ask. that way you can try it and have a clear conscience.

10 - is it normal for men to shape their eyebrows?

men's eyebrows should be rugged and masculine, but there is no way i'm letting a unibrow onto my man's face either. all things should be in moderation.

there you have it. that's my two cents on the normality of some of life's questions. go ahead and answer them yourself and link up with me here!:

thanks for stopping by!

-the mrs.


  1. I agreed with all of your opinions too funny!

  2. "clench and bear it" - best answer everrrrr!!

  3. hahaha LOVING your #5!!! claaaaaassic.
    thanks for linking up today! :)

  4. Ahahaha, Love it. Some of your answers had me laughing so hard that a co-worker had to come into my office to ask what was so funny!


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