awkward and awesome.


-looking up from your racquetball game and seeing the base wing commander and his daughter watching you play. i'm not even in the air force and it still made me nervous!
-the hillbillies behind us in the movie theater that have no concept of whispering. if i wasn't afraid of them chucking their beer on me or punching me in the face, i would've told them to shut the $!@# up!
-always getting the squeaky cart at the grocery store, making everyone stare at you.
-taking copper on a walk and him pooping on our neighbor's lawn every single time.
-bubblegum flavored jelly beans. i don't know why they even exist. nobody likes them!
-getting all the way up to the doors at the commissary and standing there, waiting for them to open before you realize it's monday and they're closed.
-the ridiculous amount of hair that is left on our bathroom counter after every time i blow dry it. i'm surprised i'm not bald.
-that our laptop is a month and a half old and it's already running as slow as tar.
-putting a load of laundry in the washer and forgetting about it...for three days.
-that it's already august. where did the first 7 months of 2012 go again?
-getting hit on by drunk, 50+ year old man.


-freshly painted nails.
-that i got copper to go in his kennel and i didn't even have to put him there! it's amazing what a pup will do for a little pork sausage.
-the mr. passed his final evaluation. hooray!
-we're having chicken tikka masala for dinner tonight and i'm so freaking excited! i may or may not be starving my self a little bit right now, so that my stomach can fit more of it in.
-free popcorn refills at the movie theater. i might've gained a few extra pounds, but it made for one great movie!
-this rad giveaway that i'm pretty sure you should enter right now. just sayin'. ;)
-having a clean house.
-being able to watch hulu plus on the xbox. best. discovery. ever.
-my sunday school kids telling me over and over that i'm the best teacher they've ever had. so what if it was because i clearly bribed them with brownies? everyone can use a little self-esteem boost now and again.
-getting snail mail.
-i have a job interview tomorrow. {aghhhh!} i'm terrified, but still excited. wish me luck! i'm going to need it.

-the mrs.

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  1. Good luck with your job interview and all the success you've had on your food blog!! That is awesome!

  2. Whenever I see the base commander I feel like I'm seeing a celebrity haha! He's the nicest guy ever though so I don't feel like I'm being judged if he looks at me. I'm a new follower of your food blog, I love it!

  3. I could relate to a lot of those awkward moments, this blog made for a really good laugh...dog pooping on neighbors lawn (been there), hair everywhere (I'm surprised I still have hair too), I just know I'm going to go to the commissary on a Monday at one point, or when they are closed. Okay, and this one time at the very end of the movie, this guy took a phone call, I was so fuming, I turned around to tell him to take it outside (then I noticed he was a HUGE guy who looked totally thug) but I still stood my ground and told him to excuse himself (he rolled his eyes, but he did). And I know I'm few days late, but hope the job interview went great!


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