just a couple of things.

there are a few things that i need to share:
  • the mr. and i went to batman last night. after all the hype and good words spoken about it, i was expecting something awesome. i have to be completely honest - i was a little let down. yes, i understand it's a christopher nolan movie, so nothing is going to make sense until the very end and you'll be dropping your jaw in shock, but in my opinion, it wasn't near what everyone made it out to be. it didn't help that i couldn't understand half the stuff that the mask guy was saying either. did anyone else have that problem?
  • i'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about our new food blog, but i am so excited to tell you all that we are hosting our very first giveaway on it!! we just reached 100 followers and to show our appreciation, we are giving you a chance to win a gift card to the restaurant of your choice. what could be better than dinner for free?? be sure to enter here.
  • remember when i complained about not being a morning person and how frustrating it was? well, i am happy to tell you that i have woken up before 8 am just about every day for the past couple weeks! to some of you, this might be no big deal, but for me - it's ground breaking news! i will be the first to admit that i feel ten times better about myself when i wake up early. so what if i don't change out of my pajamas until 1 o'clock - at least i'm not in bed until then! {don't worry, i never actually did that. i'm not that bad.}
  • wyoming has really bad local commercials. and i mean really bad. i tried to find a link on the internet to show you the worst one, but couldn't find it anywhere. it's probably because it's on the verge of being child porn. there are two naked little boys in a bathtub that only have a rubber duck covering their you-know-what. this is a commercial for a credit union, mind you. how on earth, two naked boys in a tub is helping to promote their services, i haven't got a clue!
  • the mr. and i have talked about going on a cruise together since before we were married. i've never been on one and he's been on two and wants to take me so bad! we were planning on going on one to the caribbean next month, but when we moved here, the mr. was told not to plan on taking any big vacations in his first six months of work. so we moved our plans to february and as we were talking the other night, we decided to see if we can save up the money for a europen cruise instead. i've been researching it all morning and can i just say that i am so excited?? i get butterflies every time i think about it. also, tickets into london and out of barcelona are only $646!! i know people that have paid almost that much to fly somewhere in the u.s.! crazy right??
  • i am completely satisfied with how mild this summer has been in cheyenne. everyone tells me that wyoming and utah have the same climate, but no, they do not. while utah really isn't that hot, it can sure get up there. we don't have air conditioning in our house and i didn't think i'd ever survive, but it's already august and here we are - still air conditionless! it sure beats the 100 degree heat that we lived in starting in april and ending in october last year. hopefully we will never have to live that again.
  • someone needs to tell me how to decorate my house. like, seriously. comment below and give me some tips because i am out of ideas. i am sick of the bare walls and empty spaces. why can't everyone just be born with the innate ability to be decorators, crafters, and diy-ers?
thanks for letting my spill my guts on your computer screen. it felt good to get all of that off my chest.

-the mrs.


  1. Maybe Jordan and I will win the lottery and can go with you on the cruise... here's to hoping!!

  2. Awesome! Spenc and I are going on a Mediterranean cruise in September. I've been looking forward to it all summer! I wish my ticket prices were that good, but they're not. Book it in advance and save tons!


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