top five friday

#1 - blake shelton. the mr. and i volunteered for his squadron at cheyenne frontier days last week and it has now been decided that we are going to do this every year for the entire time we live in cheyenne. they had us selling sodas right inside the stadium and we had a clear shot view to blake for the entire concert.

i hadn't ever been much of a blake shelton fan until this concert...at least that's what i thought. more than half the songs he sang were ones i love and have listened to a billion times on the radio, but i had no idea he was the one singing them! he put on one fantastic concert. and the best part? it was absolutely free!

#2 - the olympics. has anyone been watching them nonstop like we have? seriously, they're on when we're not even in the room - and i've loved it! my favorite events have been the gymnastics and kayaking {which i didn't even know was an olympic event}. what about you?

#3 - chimichangas. you know, the el monterey kind that you buy at wal-mart? i'm pretty sure those things are the reason i gained ten pounds when i moved out on my own in college, but they are oh so delicious! i may or may not have eaten one for lunch and one for dinner/afternoon-snack/i'm-so-hungry-so-anything-will-work. slap on some cream cheese and salsa and you've got the best gourmet dinner that you ever did see!

#4 - date night - on a week day mind you!

i sure do love this cute boy of mine. doesn't he look so good?! he's been doing so well on my fitness pal and has lost thirteen pounds since we moved here! i'm so proud of him!!

#5 - this whole pile of stamps that i scored for only 15 bucks!

i can pick out at least three of them out that would be 10 dollars each at hobby lobby. ca-razy! i'm going to try my hand at card making here soon. can't wait!

hope you guys had a fantastic friday. hooray for the weekend!

-the mrs.


  1. Ohmylanta, how did you score so many stamps? My crafting personality may have drooled a little bit =X

  2. Blake Shelton is one of my favorite live performers! I'm jealous!

  3. oooh... Date night... One a week day? WOW!
    Lucky girl!

    XO Lourdes

  4. Love the stamps :) And you two are way too cute! Also, I've nominated you for an award! http://stubbornlydelighted.blogspot.com/2012/08/finally-my-turn.html


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