top five friday.

#1 - this face:

we've been trying to wean him off of being on the couch lately. it was fun when we first got him and he was tiny and wanted to be all cute and cuddly with you, but now he just likes to jump around everywhere and hit you in the face with his tail. not cool. we were doing good until he pulled this card on me - the "i know i'm not allowed on the couch, but will you let me just this once?" look. if that doesn't pull at your heartstrings, i don't know what does!

#2 - the mr. had his first alert (24 hours spent in a missile capsule) this week and he survived! he came back exhausted after getting only four hours of sleep, but he said it went well. luckily, while he was gone, my night was spent skyping with the sister-in-law and hanging out at a friend's house, eating smoothies and talking girl talk. thank heavens for good people! otherwise, i probably would've sat at home all night, eating a tub of ice cream, and crying that i was home alone.

#3 - buffalo wild wings. i don't know how you could not love that place. although, my sister-in-law and her husband did introduce us to a wing place, called buffalo wings and rings, that is just a little bit better - but bww is still awesome, nonetheless. my favorite part would be the fried pickles. mmm, it takes me back to our alabama-living days.

#4 - this lil' blog just reached 100 followers! i was so excited to see that!! this definitely calls for a celebration! (aka a giveaway) i'll be sure to give you all the deets on it next week. i've been a little preoccupied this week, so just give me some time and it will happen. promise!

#5 - "what have i been preoccupied with?", you may ask. remember that job interview i mentioned last week? well, the results are in and it looks like i am officially employed! hooray!! this might even call for another giveaway! (ok, maybe that was a little overkill.) i really am that excited though! at the same time, i am scared out of my mind. the job was for a pharmacy technician position and i haven't picked up a pharmacy book in over two years! i've beeen studying my brains out for the last couple days, hoping some of it will come back to me. of course, every time i get on a roll, my body all of a sudden thinks it's exhausted and needs to sleep - just like the good ol' college days. i don't even know how many textbook pages i've ruined in my life because i fell asleep and drooled all over them. it's a bit ridiculous. anyway, prayers are appreciated because i'm going to need them to help me from looking like an idiot. i seriously cannot wait though!!

happy friday to ya! i hope it's swell.

-the mrs.


  1. Congrats on the job! That is very exciting. Way to go Sarah! Also, I too am in love with fried pickles :)

  2. I'm a new follower! Buffalo Wild Wings is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! I love their buffalo chips and caribbean jerk sauce...sooooo yummy! :)


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