at a standstill.

for over two years now, i have been dead set on becoming a pharmacist.
i love math and science, but i don't do blood.
pharmacy falls nicely under both these stipulations.
along with that, every pharmacy employee has told me that the working hours
are fantastic. {huge plus if wanting to raise a family one day}
and i will be honest, the pay for a pharmacist isn't one bit bad either. 
but now...i'm kind of starting to have my doubts as to whether or not i should
keep pursuing this goal of mine.
i'm struggling to find a program that is possible for me to do online and
i'd be lying if i said i wasn't nervous to hold people's lives in my hands everyday.

i feel pretty lame to have been out of high school for nearly three years and
now i am basically back to square one.
i want to do something that i am passionate about.
something that will make me be excited to go to work!
something i can actually see myself doing...
the problem is, finding that something.
i've stooped as low as taking those tacky "which degree is right for you" quizzes and
googling "the perfect career", but surprisingly {or not surprisingly} they did nothing.
i guess what i am wondering here, is how did you pick your career?
how did you find the one degree that you knew would fit you like a glove?
i'm willing to accept all the advice i can get...

-the wife


  1. So I don't know if this will help or not, but here is how I decided to study geology.I started school with the intention of doing one thing that I really enjoy and that is teach and teach science was my goal. As I started into my degree, I fell in love with the concepts of geology and decided to do that instead of teach (for now). Now I can honestly say that I get excited looking at rocks and the mountains. it has given me a different view of the creation.

    Now Here is another lesson I have learned in my life and confirmed this year. I live by the philosophy of -doing-what-what-you-enjoy/like. I am much happier when I am liking what I am doing. If you find yourself enjoying the rigors of pharmacy school, then carry on. It sounds like fun to me. But if you aren't enjoying yourself, God will help. I know that sounds super generic, but we (Sarah and I) have learned that lesson this year and has greatly blessed our lives, increased our love for God and also strengthened out testimonies. Hope this helps!

  2. Oh my gosh! I just wrote this long and beautiful comment and it got deleted! BLAST!

    Long story short. I prayed about it. I read through different papers in my journal and church hand outs and what not, and one day after lots of praying...it hit me. I had a couple lists of my talents in my hand (you know the ones from young womens), and it hit me like a brick. Then a line from my patriarchal blessing flashed through my head. And I knew. I've re-asked a MILLION times, I'm sure Heavenly Father just rolls His eyes when my prayers start like, "I know I've already asked, but...' haha.

    Pray about it. He'll let you know. He wants to help. And if you are praying, keep praying. An answer WILL come. He loves you and wants you to be happy. He'll lead you along. If you aren't doing sometime right, He'll let you know.

    I love you long time, and if you want the more in detail story and are bored don't hesitate to call :) Love you long time!

  3. Pray
    Start the path, if you don't enjoy it, perhaps it's not for you.
    Ask a pharmacist if you can shadow her/him for a day, to see what's it's like and if you'd like it or not.

  4. I am in the same boat Sarah:( I wish I could help. My plans also changed because I decided I wouldnt love it. And didnt want to be responsible for any mistakes if I ever made them. Good luck dear! Wish you the best!!!!

  5. I always felt good about a business finance degree, but within that degree there are hundreds of career options. Honest I kept it in my prayers for a long time and just kept looking at different options. Eventually one afternoon a confirmation came to me about a certain industry that I was interested in. That confirmation has made all this difference. Once I knew that was direction I needed to head I statred e-mailing and calling people in the industry who worked at different companies I liked. I would just ask them about what they do, what they like about it, and challenges working in that field. It really helped me hone in what I wanted to do. But it is definitely a huge decision!

  6. Guys, I can't thank you enough for these comments. They really have helped me so much! I still don't know what I want to do, but I am trying my best to pray and listen to what Heavenly Father thinks is best for me. I appreciate your personal stories! It sure makes me feel like I'm not the only one that this happens to. Thank you!


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