i've heard some crazy stories of how military wives can react to their husbands leaving. they lay in bed all morning, crying at any thought of him. after pulling themselves together, they stumble across some sentimental keepsake that was given to them right after their wedding, that on normal days wouldn't even be given a second thought about, but today, it sends them into another episode of tears and tissues because it was a gift from him. they end up locking themselves in their house all day long, wanting nothing to do with the ouside world, while eating junk food and watching chick flicks that end up making them cry even harder. after all of their tears are dried up, it's finally time to go to sleep. they lock the doors, turn out the lights, and crawl into bed, only to be saddened by the fact that he isn't there to cuddle the night away with. which then...ends in more tears.

did i act like this after zachary left yesterday? of course not. did i act like a milder, slightly more controlled version of this? maybe.

all i know is there was a lot of candy eaten:

a lot of time spent wearing zachary's clothes:

loads of snuggling with this guy: {which happens to be sprayed with zachary's cologne.}

and many tears shed. but let's be honest people...as much as i really do miss my husband and i never thought that it would be this hard to be without him {i'm lame, i know} i think the real reason for all of this drama was my subconscious trying to cope with this haircut:

somewhere between the tears and the junk food, my funny little brain thought it would be cool to go all out and change up my hair by getting front bangs and cutting it a little shorter. for some reason, i thought it would make zachary being gone a little easier. no worries, it didn't. instead i am left still husbandless and looking like a boy.

-the wife


  1. You are so pretty!!! How could you ever say you look like a boy? (that was when you cut your own hair when you were like five remember?)

    Seriously - the bangs look, is rockin!

  2. Haha i do remember that. That was a pretty traumatic time in my life. Going to kindergarten the next day was torture! Thank you for bringing that up...

    And thanks buddy. I feel like a dufus, but I'm glad you support me!

  3. It's not just military wives. JP leaves a lot on business trips, and I'm totally the same. Lots of ice cream is eaten, and I never sleep, just mope around the house. I know it's different, military is a bit more tramatic, but my point is that it's normal to be depressed when you're missing you're other half.

  4. You don't look like a boy. When I cut blunt bangs into my hair, one of my students told me I looked like a crazy Asian lady. :P But since *you* particularly don't like it, I hope it grows faster for your sake.


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