lately, i have noticed a few things that are ever present in our lives.
4 to be specific.
a couple of them are harmless, a couple of them i'm not so sure about.
the first one being: paper towels.
i know this sounds stupid, but really, we both can't stop using them.
case in point...we bought this 8 roll pack last monday:

we used 5 rolls in eight days!!
i don't know what our problem is, but it's like we get in the kitchen and
we can't stop using them!
i feel like after it's been used once, it's contaminated.
plus i hate trying to dry my hands on a towel that is already wet.

obsession #2: diet sodas.
fanta zero of the orange variety to be exact.

i never grew up with diet soda.
it was always you eat the crappy stuff or you don't.
no in between.
zachary and i have been trying really hard lately to be healthy though.
a regular 12 oz. can of fanta orange has 160 calories in it.
160 calories...big whoop right?
well, i can eat an entire breakfast for about that much that isn't jam
packed with sugar and actually fills me up.
this discovery of diet soda has proved to be a profitable one.
and i almost can't even taste the fake sugar anymore!

number three: lost

i know, i know, we are way behind in the world.
while we are just beginning this crazy rollercoaster and sometimes even
losing sleep over it, everyone else in the world has ridden the ride,
gotten off and hated it from what i've heard, and some have even
watched it for a second or third time!
we saw it in the laughlin library though and couldn't pass it up.
so far i am appalled at all of the gore, but the storyline is so
captivating that after each episode, i am left wanting more.
just so you know, claire had her baby and boone just died.
i hope shannon realizes what she had, that little hoe.

#4 addiction: ranch popcorn.
this is where the more harmful obsession that i was talking about comes in.
i just mentioned that zachary and i are trying to be healthier.
well this little snack right here, throws that goal right out the window!
i had this stuff for the first time when i was probably 15 or 16 thanks to this girl.
i was obsessed with it then too and then i just kind of forgot about it.
well the other day, i was grocery shopping and saw the stuff for it
and thought i'd try it out again.
zachary refused it at first, but after one bite, we are now both hooked.
in fact today {as we were watching lost} we ate an entire bowl.
that may not sound that bad because it's not.
the bad part is, that we made another batch and ate all of that too!
you have to try it at least once before you say you don't like it.
all you need is this:

1/2 cup popcorn kernels.
enough melted butter to your liking. {in my opinion, the more the better}
ranch seasoning to taste.

pop the popcorn, pour the butter, shake the seasoning.
as simple as that.
let me know what you think!

the first step in overcoming addiction is admittance.
here is our admittance.
don't judge.

-the wife


  1. Um ranch popcorn? Thank you for my newest craving! I'm addicted to Diet Coke, and Taylor and I use WAY too many paper towels! I relate on many levels :)

  2. yes.....LOST! welcome aboard the lost obsession! Zach knows just how ADDICTED i was haha! I never missed an episode, FOR ANYTHING! haha! I wish I had the luxury then though of just going on to the next episode! That has got to be nice! I had to wait a week and sometimes longer for each one. Waiting for another season was torture haha! Also, I too have an obsession with paper towels. It bugs derek how quick I can go through a roll. BUT then I discovered clorox wipes, and I hate to say but I think my obsession with those far exceeds that of paper towels! haha! At least your obsessed with these things together right?! miss you guys!

  3. Yes, we are unified in our addictions, ha ha!

  4. Found your lil blog on fbook. We're excited to get to know you better in the little time we have left here in the Rio! :) Fbook me your email & I will invite you to our blog (its private, bc I don't like crazies perusing around in my life).


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