a taste of heaven.

picture this:

you are sitting with your husband watching t.v. and you get an overwhelmingly
intense craving for a candy bar. {this seems to happen to me quite often}
so you go to the front desk of the hotel that you have been staying in
for eight freaking days now {boo!} and check out your options.

*payday, reeses, kit-kat, snickers, zero bar, twix, almond joy, etc.*

there are so many kinds, which one do you pick?
uh, hello...pick the zero bar!
despite the fact that they have been around for almost 100 years,
i just had one of these babies for the first time in my life.
let me tell you...it was like heaven in my mouth!

i don't think there is anything better than a
caramel/almond/peanut nougat covered in white fudge.

go ahead.
try one.
it's calling your name.
you know you want to.
and just a piece of advice: it is delightfully scrumptious when frozen.

-the wife


  1. I know this is past due but Amberlyn and I would go shopping and pick up a Zero bar to eat. They are one of my favs. A. Penny

  2. Really? I hadn't ever even heard of them until recently! Now Zachary and I both love them! :)


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