happy easters!

this has been one of the best easters yet!
partly because it is my first one spent with my husband!
we went shopping on friday and got stuff for each other's easter baskets.
we may have gone a little overboard, but that just means that we love each other. right?

zachary was really sweet with his.
i've been wanting things to decorate our house with, so he got me a cute
little black sign that says "laugh". i love it.
everyday, i struggle with the fact that my purse is falling apart, but i feel like
 my wallet is too big to want to carry around by itself.
so he got me a new purse with a wallet built in.
it was so thoughtful!
he gave me a bunch of candies as well along with a 12 pack of fanta zero {yum!} and
some other items that i don't feel are appropriate to talk about on this blog. ;)
he was very kind in picking out my stuff.
i feel like he knows me oh so well!
i got him a stone pizza cutter that he has been wanting for a while,
along with some slippers {his feet are always cold}, a new shirt that he is going to
look smokin' in, the movie baby mama {so freaking funny!} and a
bunch of his favorite candies.
i felt like we were five for how excited we were about seeing our baskets.

i was given another easter surprise yesterday when i got a call from someone
asking me to teach relief society in church today.
yes, i have only been to this ward once.
i was terrified!
i barely even know anybody there.
it sure doesn't help when i am the youngest person in the room either.
i felt like i was surrounded by spiritual giants!
when all was said and done, i felt like it went alright.
at least i used up enough time!
my lesson was on this talk.
it's amazing.
you should most definitely read it.

zachary did an amazing job at preparing the best easter dinner in the world!

{don't mind our sorry excuse for a kitchen table...we are working on that}

it consisted of the most incredible roast, rolls, and veggies.
did i mention that i love it when he cooks? because i do.

we then got a little creative and attempted to make these little beauties:

i've posted a step by step tutorial on how to make them on this blog.
we spent the rest of our night just loving being together.
oh, i did cut zachary's hair!

i felt like it didn't turn out half bad either!
we spent a lot of time watching lost and eating ranch popcorn while snuggling,
trying not to think about the dreadful day that is tomorrow.

in all of this, i loved being able to take a moment and realize why we have easter.
what the whole meaning of easter is.
it is to remember the resurrection of our Savior and Redeemer.
the man that suffered for our sins.
that died for us.
that rose again after three days.
i am grateful for Jesus Christ and that He made it possible for us to live
with our Father in Heaven again.
may we all share our gratitude this day.

happy easters from us:

-the wife


  1. Love reading about your adventures. Dad

  2. I thought your lesson went pretty well... and leave it up to our ward/branch to call the newest/youngest person in the branch to sub for the absent teacher. :)

    And sorry if we interrupted your Easter basket sharing... I told Ty if we waited too late in the day, we'd be interrupting your last night together for the next month, and I didn't want to do that :) I think all of us wives get that.

  3. Oh you didn't interrupt at all! In fact, after you left Zachary and I just said over and over how happy we were that you guys stopped by :) Thanks again for doing it. It was nice to chat with you two.


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