our humble abode.

remember when i made a goal to get my house clean and liveable?
well i am finally finished!
i know i said that i also wanted to paint and decorate, but considering we aren't going to be in this house for as long as we planned, i decided to hold off.
since everything looks decent though, i can now give you an official tour!
for starters, this is what it looks like from the front:

not exactly the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but it's good enough to call home.
our grass is actually a lot greener than that now, so that's one plus!
you walk in the front door and you will be planted right in our living room:

this is where most of our cuddling/watching-lost action goes on.
i love this room!
connected to it is our beautiful dining room:

...and by beautiful i mean bland, boring, and lifeless.
yes, we know that this is a sorry excuse for a table.
we've been married 5 months and still haven't bothered to buy one.
thank goodness we got this little beauty for our wedding or we would be eating on the floor!
next is our kitchen.
what looked like this when we first moved in:

now looks like this:

that calms my nerves just looking at the after pictures.
i think my favorite part about our kitchen is this bad boy:

it was a christmas gift from my mom and dad and i absolutely adore it!
it is beginning to become my very close friend.
and you can't forget the laundry room, right next to the kitchen:

small and quaint, but it gets the job done.
we love our washer and dryer.
it took us a while to take the plunge to buy them, but it has definitely been worth it.
they even sing us songs when a load is done!

just around the corner is this hallway:

have you ever been to young house love?
it is this incredible site that features a young couple that love to decorate and design.
they have so many cute ideas and i want to use one of them for my hallway someday.
this idea consists of a collage of white frames filled with anything as fancy as a wedding picture or as simple as a bird feather.
my favorite one will be a long horizontal frame with the words "you are my sunshine" sewn on white cardstock with thin yellow yarn.
i hear those words often in a day from my cute boy and i want to make
them a part of our home.
the first door on your right down that hallway is our office:

we found this sweet awesome desk at wal-mart for really cheap.
probably because the quality is really cheap...
it has worked well for us though.
other than that, we don't have much to put in here.
someday, i want a nice comfy couch. 
maybe red or yellow.
and a bookshelf or two with loads of good books!
this will definitely be the room to go to for peace and quiet.

the second door on your right down that hallway, is our guest bedroom:

considering we don't have any kids and we never have any guests, this room is nothing special.
it has become our ironing/store-our-junk-in room.
but, in case that makes any of you shy away from visiting us, i can promise you that we do have a nice queen size mattress and clean sheets that you wouldn't want to miss. :)

now back to the hallway, the second door on your left would be the bathroom:

if you go through that door on the back end of this picture, it also leads you to another bathroom that is connected to our bedroom.
we treat it kind of like a his and hers bathroom set-up.
i decided not to show you pictures of mine since it is the number one room in the house that i struggle the most with in keeping it clean.
curses to being a girl and needing a billion things to get ready with.

and last, but not least, here is our lovely bedroom:

loads different from the last time you saw it, eh?
see that little soccer ball piggy bank right there?
that's where we are saving up all of our change {literally} to go on a trip to disneyland!
we are making some major headway with a whopping $75.65.
only a few hundred more to go!

i can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to have a clean house!
i feel so blessed to be where we are right now.
life is good and seems to only get better with time.

-the wife


  1. I love your house! Will you come decorate mine? I hope you guys are having fun! Love you!!

  2. Sarah, I think it's hilarious that you and I are on the same track when it comes to ideas! I currently have a whole collage on my wall of pure black picture frames with all black and white family photos. And we ALSO have a jar that we are saving our pennies for Disney World (and we're finally going in December!!). Maybe if I would post more, you'd actually get to see this stuff. haha.


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