the big 2-1.

i turned 21 years old yesterday!
it was one of the best birthdays yet.
it started off with breakfast in bed from my charming husband.
he sure knows how to make some mean german pancakes.
he then sent me on a scavenger hunt to find my presents.
they consisted of a game, a movie, some things that would be
inappropriate to share with you ;), and a pinata!

i have always wanted a pinata for my birthday!
we beat the crap out of that thing.
now we eat ourselves sick with the junk food that was in it.
my favorite present though, would have to be my new sewing machine!

{i apologize for the blurry image. there was lots of excitement/commotion going on.}

he knows me so well.
i've been saying for weeks now how bad i wanted one!
my first project will be to make this pillow:

isn't it beautiful?
i discovered it right after we got married and seriously fell in love with it.
 but there was no way that i was ever going so spend 25 dollars to buy it!
i found an awesome tutorial on how to make it though and i'm going to give it a go.
chances are, it'll end up disastrous, but i'll let you know how it all turns out.

we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in del rio: jitra thai cuisine.
i had never eaten thai food until i met zachary and it has now changed my life.
want to know what else has changed my life?
dr. pepper.
you know how most 21 year olds are excited to drink alcohol and gamble?
well since i don't do either, i decided to celebrate in another way.
first, confession time: i've never drank a caffeinated drink before yesterday.
i went out on a limb at dinner though and ordered my very first caffeinated dr. pepper.

you can all laugh, but that was one big step in my life that i will never forget.

we wrapped up the night by watching kung fu panda 2.
i know it's a movie for kids, but i have to admit that we really liked it. a lot.
it was super funny!
i think half the entertainment  came from all of the little kids' goofy laughs in the theater.

oh and you can't forget the birthday cake!
fun fact about me: i am not a chocolate fan.
so seeing me in this picture:

blowing out candles on a chocolate cake is a definite first.
but this isn't just an ordinary chocolate cake.
it's the easiest, most delightful recipe that you could find!

it really was a wonderful birthday.
big thank you to zachary for making me feel like a million bucks all day long!
and thank you for the cards and 'happy birthdays' from all of my family and friends.
love you all!



  1. Glad you had an awesome birthday!! Aaron and I saw your destroyed piƱata in you backyard, Awesome!

  2. Haha yeah, we had a good time Michaela!

    Thank you Bobbi! That means so much to me!

  3. Sounds like a fun day! I am in love with dr. Pepper also... Its some good stuff! :)

  4. You guys really go all out on your celebrations! You & Ty share a birthday. All we did was go shopping (bought him a pair of shoes), and then we had a family dinner with dutch apple pie.

    And I also am not a chocolate fan. It grosses me out. I will go out of my way to not eat the chocolate chips in my chocolate chip cookies. :P


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