happy birthday.

today is a special day.
today is my best friend's birthday!
she's turning the big 2-1!!!
sadly, it is the first birthday in 9 years that we haven't been together for.
i have been through thick and thin with this girl.
we are a team.
like bert and ernie.
superman and clark kent.
milly and vanilly.
this once in a lifetime friendship started back in the 7th grade.
she had just moved into town and i'll be honest...i couldn't stand her. i thought she was loud and obnoxious. we started 7th grade and it turned out that she had every single class with me.


a couple weeks later, i broke my leg. thank goodness kaitlyn liked pulling around wheely backpacks! she wanted nothing more than to pull mine around. she stuck with me for the next six weeks, getting my door, carrying my tray for me at lunch, waiting for me when class got over after everyone else left me in the dust. i realized that maybe my first impressions of her weren't the best ones. we have been inseparable ever since. i can't even count the nights that were spent sitting in her basement cuddling and watching movies, just the two of us, or the number of phase ten games we've been through {a freaking lot!} or the gallons of ice cream that we have eaten because of stupid things like boys. i honestly don't know how i would have gotten through life without her. she is seriously like a sister to me!

here are some of the things that make kaitlyn marie averett so great:

she throws super great tea parties!

she doesn't judge me when i look like poop squish from having a gigantically swollen face,
blood shot eyes, and a broken collar bone. 

she goes shopping with me, just for the fun of trying on ugly clothes.

 she has been with me for every big event in my life.

she's my number one home slice.

she keeps me young by stuffing me with junk food. always. caramel popcorn in particular.

she's been on just about every single vacation i've ever been on.

she makes me laugh.

 she is there for me when i do scary things.

 she is so pretty!

every girl deserves a "kaitlyn" in their life. someone that they can count on to be there no matter what. i am so grateful to be able to call this girl, not only my best friend, but now my cousin! she will be getting married in just 56 short days and i can't wait to see her again. she is going to make such a beautiful bride! j-dawg is one lucky boy. happy birthday katymay! i wish i could be there to celebrate. love ya.

-the wife

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  1. So... seriously. This made me tear up. I feel so honored to have made it to the blog!! And thank you buddy for the kind words. I sure do miss you and love the support you've given ME all these years. I couldn't have survived without YOU :)
    I love you bestie!


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