change of plans.

well, five weeks of being husbandless turned in to two weeks on friday.
conditions were definitely different than either of us expected.
{want the story? click here.}
even though, things didn't go as planned, i couldn't have been happier to see my boy.
i picked him up from the airport at midnight on friday and we
stayed the night in san antonio.
we spent saturday going to buffalo wild wings {best restaurant ever!}, seeing the
movie "something borrowed" {worst movie ever!} and eating frozen yogurt.

in the last three days that he has been home, we have eaten
3 batches of ranch popcorn, watched 5 episodes of lost,
and made ourselves sick with all of the leftover easter candy.
looks like things are back to normal!

we aren't really sure what we are going to do now.
we hope and pray that the review board will decide to reclass zachary, but
who knows, maybe they won't.
we are going to take it one day at a time.
this is really difficult for me to do.
i like having a plan and knowing what to expect.
i guess the only thing we can expect now, is that God will take care of us.
i have full faith in that.

-the wife

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  1. Well my best advice to you is (and I say this as an AF wife...and ESP if Zach is reclassified) to expect the unexpected, and to be certain that nothing is certain in the Air Force. If you come to terms with that, you'll be just fine! :)

    Hope he gets reassigned!


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