happy mother's day.

dear mom,

i know that you never {ever} read my blog, but i want to let the cyberworld in on a little secret about you. you are the best mom that a girl could ask for. thank you for all the things you have done for me, that at the time may have gone unappreciated. like ripping me out of bed every morning so that i didn't fail high school. or telling me to put on sunscreen before every soccer game so that i didn't get skin cancer. or making sure that i am dating the right boys, so that one day i could marry the right boy.

along with that, i want you to know the things that i have always appreciated about you. like all of the times that you gave me gas money, seeing that i was the worst money manager in the world! thank you for your thoughtfulness in bringing me treats from the grocery store, or from provo, or from anywhere you went really. thank you for making me breakfast all growing up, and still making zachary and i breakfast when we come to visit. thank you for cheering me up when i am sad. thank you for being my number one fan. thank you for being the prime example to me of what it is to be selfless. thank you for your positive attitude towards life. thank you for raising me in the church and never letting your testimony waver. and thank you for giving me comfort in knowing that you are going to spoil my kids rotten someday, as the best grandma in the world. if i could be half the mother you are, i will consider my life a success. i love you mama. happy mother's day.


p.s. thank you also, for showing me how to be a hard worker. congrats on earning your masters degree!

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