facts and confessions.

i love cold pizza.

i have zero wisdom teeth.
and allergies.

i am a mormon.

i am so ticklish that massages almost aren't even worth it.

i sleep-talk and on occasion, sleep-walk.
just last week zachary woke up to me standing on our bed, whimpering because
i thought i saw a spider.
i don't remember a thing.

i am number four out of six children.

sour patch kids and swedish fish are my guilty pleasures.

i can be very shy at times.
i hate it.

i am addicted to biting my nails.

i want to own a truck someday.
and a dog.
that seems like the perfect combo for an ideal camping trip.

i love camping.

jealousy and grudge-holding are my biggest downfalls.

my mom used to cut my meat for me before every meal.
right up until i moved out of the house.

i wish i had stuck with playing the violin.

i am terrified of bridges.
mostly because i am terrified of drowning.

i have gone a year without candy or soda.

my favorite movie is thirteen going on thirty.
i love jennifer garner.

i am self-conscious about my body.
my legs in particular.
i've never been confident in the way i look.

when i was eight, i wrote my name with my left hand on my dresser.
just so i could blame it on my little sister.

i want to train my body to like waking up early.

i took swimming lessons when i was in 8th grade.

i'm afraid of getting a job because i'm afraid of failing.

i have had the same friends since i was ten.
so making friends is a struggle of mine.

i love doing things spontaneously.
it makes me feel free.

christmas is my favorite holiday.
i love looking at the lights and listening to the music that comes with it.
there is definitely a different feeling during the month of december.
kind of like the feeling you get at disneyland.

oh, i love disneyland.
it's magical.

i love my hair in french braid pigtails.
i want to learn to do them to myself.

i love being with level-headed people.

i want to travel the world.
winning this giveaway would be a great start.

i am so done with living in del rio.
i can't wait to visit utah and see our family in just a couple weeks!!

-the wife


  1. You like to draw things on dressers and closet doors..especially in permanent marker and blame it on me. ha ha. I can't wait for you to come visit!

  2. If you think you are done with living in the Rio, ask the folks who have been here for 3, 4, 5 years! :P

    I think this one made me laugh the most: "my mom used to cut my meat for me before every meal.
    right up until i moved out of the house." My mom used to cut up my pancakes, but not until I was 17 :) maybe until I was 7 or 8.


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