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isn't this song adorable?
it about makes my heart melt.
i found it as i am sitting here procrastinating writing our wedding thank you notes.
yes, we have been married 6 months and i haven't sent them out yet.
i am kind of a failure when it comes to things like that.
two days ago was actually exactly 6 months that we've been married.
it's so crazy how quick time flies!
it seems like yesterday i was just going on my first date.
do you remember your first date?
i went to the movie 'cars.'
when we got there, i turned around and my best friend was sitting behind me.
i. was. so. mad.
i'm pretty sure there were some not-so-nice things written in my journal that night.
then you turn the page and the first thing you read is "i'm not mad at kaitlyn anymore."
that's the epitome of our relationship.
we could never stay mad at each other for very long. {except when trying to draw magnifying glasses}
speaking of cars, did you know there's a cars 2?
sequels usually blow.
kind of like transformers 2.
i've tried watching that one 3 times and have fallen asleep every time.
i hear transformers three is pretty good though.
your thoughts?
we are going to it tomorrow night in san antonio and i'm super excited.
why are we going to san antonio just to see a movie, you ask?
we are flying to utah on saturday!!
i am so giddy about this trip.
as giddy as seeing a new puppy.
speaking of puppies, did i ever tell you that we bought one?
meet jetta:

isn't she adorable?
sad story: we bought her and sold her a week later.
i know, we're pretty pathetic.
we can't even hack having a puppy.
it was fun while it lasted though. {sort of}
kinda like "it was fun while it lasted" when my brother bought me
a puppy for christmas a few years ago.
we put it in the laundry room for the night and it had diarrhea all behind our washer and dryer.
speaking of christmas, zachary and i have talked about spending it on our own this year.
obviously it would depend on where we are at, our leave situation,
and if we could afford going home.
i'm wondering though, what was your first christmas away from home like?
was it a good or bad experience?
would you recommend it for our first christmas as a married couple?
i can't imagine not being with my family for christmas, but since i have a new family now,
it might be fun to start our own traditions and such.
speaking of traditions, i had better go carry on the tradition of writing
thank you notes for our wedding gifts.
i promise i am grateful for everyone that supported us!
i just have a hard time keeping a long enough attention span to get the job done.
peace out.

-the wife


  1. Promise im not stalking you... i saw your blog on karissa church's blog so i just thought i would say hi.. Your and zach's story is seriously the cutest thing ever. Just wanted to say hi. When i first got married i bought a dog too.. and it only lasted a week also haha So don't feel bad. and i just sent out my thank you cards and ive been married 9 months. Our first christmas we spent it alone my husband had to work the entire day from 4 in the morning untili 8 at night then we celebrated christmas when he got home. To be honest it kind of sucked cause my parents called to wish me a happy christmas and i was all alone and i felt like i was missing out on everything. But if your husband is going to be home then im sure it wont be that bad. Anyway sorry for rambling i just wanted to say hi.

  2. Haha I totally didnt' think you were stalking me, promise! That would be so hard to spend a Christmas alone! I dunno how you did it. I knew that you got married, but I didn't know it was 9 months ago! Crazy. Where are you guys at? Can I follow your blog? :)

  3. My first date was meh. Forgettable. Granted that was like 12 years ago! :P Yikes, I just showed my age.

    Anyway, Ty and I did our first Christmas on our own this last Christmas because we were saving leave for our vacation to Orlando (ironic, that we are now in FL, again... would've been good to know back then that we would be here now!), and to visit family later on after UPT was over. It was fine. Opening presents ends up being really, really, really short. And hopefully you guys will be at a bigger base. Laughlin was really quiet, which was nice. I found it difficult to stay calm because Ty's drop was coming up after the break. I didn't know where we were going to get sent!

    Anyway, do whatever works for you guys. After being AD for a year, he'll have 30 days of leave built up. A week or so out of that won't hurt too much.

  4. Of course you can i just need your email so i can add you to my list :). Yeah its crazy it has been 9 months haha. . it goes by way fast.


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