weekend getaway.

zachary and i splurged a little this weekend. and by splurge, i mean we drove to san antonio and went to sea world!

i realized that most of the fun things we've done in the past couple months have to do with animals; going to the zoo, visiting the aquarium, and now this. not to mention, the animal safari in san antonio that i want to go to as well. i feel like we're five or something. i still loved it though. we were able to feed/pet dolphins:

their dolphin/whale show was pretty entertaining too. besides the fact that it smelt like throw up and the lady behind us squirted us both in the face with a water balloon, i'd say this was our favorite show.

and of course, what is sea world without shamu? honestly, this show was pretty lame. the only cool part was when shamu did a flip and soaked everyone. other than that, it was just a bunch of fluff about saving the planet. not my idea of a good time. it was still awesome to see live killer whales though!

considering we didn't have to pay to get in, {yay for military discounts!} i'd say it was worth it.

we also went to austin to visit my brother and sister-in-law. we haven't seen any of our family since march, so it was a nice little reunion! while we were there, my sister-in-law, carli, made us these delicious pumpkin pancakes for dinner. you have got to try them. i have been craving them since we left.

it was a great weekend minus all the driving! that's what we get for living in good ol' del rio i guess. we should know in the next month or two when we will be leaving this place! i'll be sure to let ya know.


p.s. i ordered a burrito this weekend that was the size of my hand.  for the record...i have really big hands.
just thought you ought to know...


  1. We went to SeaWorld over Memorial Day weekend and when we went to the dolphin show it smelled like throw up too!! Haha, just thought I'd share that. Also, the Shamu show used to be way cooler but since that whale drowned a trainer, the trainers aren't allowed to get in the water anymore with them, which makes it super lame. Bummer.

  2. A whale drowned a trainer?? Holy crap, I hadn't heard that! I guess it's ok that it's lame then...


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