top five friday.

#1 - racquetball. wow, has anybody else played this beautiful sport? i'd played once or twice before and got kind of bored and had no interest in ever playing again. then, despite my reluctance, the mr. dragged me into playing with him last saturday. we're now addicted. i think we've played just about every day this week. it is so fun!

#2 - jimmy johns. we were in need of a quick, cheap fix for dinner this week when we spotted a jimmy johns. ironically enough, it was the exact same jimmy johns that we ate at with the mr.'s brother and wife on our trek back from florida a couple years ago. we loved their sandwiches so much that we went again the next day. and bought four loaves of bread to make our own. mmm good.

#3 - antelope. they. are. everywhere. yes, i know this is a weird thing to enjoy, but every time i see one, i can't help but think of the song, 'home on the range'. you know, '...where the deer and the antelope play...'? i remember my mom singing this with us all the time when we were little and on road trips. that song carries a bit of my childhood with it, so whenever i see an antelope, it just takes me back. oh the little joys of life.

#4 - it's a 4 day weekend! the mr. gets memorial day off and they let him have today off as a 'family day' too. honestly, it's been like a month long weekend already, but i'm not complaining. the moment we got here, the mr.'s squadron told him to take it easy until his training starts, so they haven't had him doing a whole lot. i've been enjoying every second of having him home, but sadly, he will be starting again on the 29th. so this is our last weekend of vacation and what a better way to end it than to have 4 days with absolutely no obligations? denver, here we come!

#5 - good friends. we got lucky in california. the mr. was put into a class with some really great people. then those really great people made the trek across the country with us to cheyenne. it's been so much fun to have them here in this new place to make us feel a little bit more at home. literally. our 10 free days of lodging expired this week, so to save money, we are actually living with one of his classmates and what a blessing it has been. i'm so grateful to have such fantastic people in our life!

happy friday my friends.

-the mrs.

p.s. my birthday is in only three days!! i can hardly contain my excitement. :)


  1. Hooray for birthdays :) And Jimmy Johns, totally the best. Their california beach club has everything on it that should be on a sandwich. Yum!

  2. I did racquetball once and I was scarred for life! That thing flies at rapid speeds without warning!


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