letter to me.

i came across an adorable blog a couple weeks ago called lovely little things. jessica is a fantastic writer and has a link up called 'smell the roses'. every week she gives you a task to do - something small that will help you appreciate your life and...well...stop and smell the roses. i honestly think it's one of the most creative link ups i've ever seen! this week's task was to write a letter to your younger self. here's mine:

dear sarah,

there are a billion things i could tell you right now that would make your life ten times easier. not because you have a hard life, but because you stress. over. everything. that's our first item on the agenda - stop worrying. you're going to make it to college, despite the swearing off boys periodically, you will be married to a wonderful man, and you have a family that loves you.

speaking of family - stop acting too good for them.

there will come a day when you look forward to and cannot wait for the few times in a year that you get to be with them. they love you. especially mom and dad. if you took a moment and stopped complaining about the sleepovers you can't have and the seemingly ridiculous curfews {which, let's be honest, really weren't that bad} you're told to keep, you'd see how much they do for you. think about all the sports games they've been to just to support you, the many chauffeuring trips that they've taken to provo for you to go shopping, all the papers they've helped you write since you're so terrible at them, and much much more. tell them how much you appreciate them. go out of your way to spend time with them.  one day, you'll regret not doing these things.

this one is important so listen up: don't care what people think about you. i cannot stress this enough. you'll look back at your life and want to kick yourself for being so timid sometimes. you may not be the most popular girl in school or the prettiest, but you're worth just as much as those that are. be confident and stop trying to fit in. be your own you!

also, don't worry about not making the softball team in high school. {not to be rude, but you're just not that good.} you'll end up playing soccer that season and find that's where you belong anyway.

soccer will bring you some of the most happiness throughout your high school times and will give you some of the greatest friends. just promise me this - that you'll run a few extra heart attacks during practice, so you don't end up to be such a fat lard!

next up, the first boy you truly fall for - just keep walking. it'll save yourself two and a half years of waste and heartache. and spoiler alert: he ends up going bald. the man you should really be concerned about won't come into your life for a couple years. be patient. he'll come. and he'll make you so grateful that it didn't work out with any of the others. in the meantime, remember that you are a strong and independent woman and your happiness isn't built on boys.

finally, don't hold grudges, don't let jealousy have a place in your heart, and be original. if you can accomplish these three things, you will have it all. i can't wait for you to see the fantastic life you are going to have, the pure love that you will experience, and the happiness that awaits you.

love always,
Lovely Little Things


  1. Hi cute Sarah! This is beautiful. We all need to do this and then make ourselves follow our own advise in ways that relate to right now.

    1. Thank you Debbie! I completely agree. I'm honestly still trying to remember to do some of these things. Haha

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words about my blog :)
    Totally made my day...seriously!

    I really enjoyed reading your letter - the last paragraph is my favorite!
    Advice we could all live by for sure.

    Thanks for linking up, girl!

  3. Your advice to your younger self is awesome! Words that i think we all need! Its amazing how we all can sound the same.

    I wrote a letter to myself too... check it out!

    @ Busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com

  4. I really enjoyed your letter Sarah! Got me thinking about what I would say to my younger self. :)

    1. Thanks Chelsea! You should write up a letter. It's actually kinda fun to see what things you would do differently. :) thanks for stopping by!

  5. Bahaha! I started laughing out loud while reading about the boy you fell hard for, just because I know who you're talking about.. and well you know this. Anyway good post, it was very cute! And your pictures are very cute as well!! So glad you found your "Prince" =)

    1. Ha thanks Karissa. I'm glad we can share a good laugh together. Haha!


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