an instagram birthday.

who has two thumbs and just turned 22? this girl. here's how we celebrated, instagram style:
{i'm sorry if you follow me on instagram. looks like you get a double dose of birthday!}

1 - there isn't anything that makes me happier than packed bags and a new destination in mind. {even if it means packing our suitcases from our suitcases.} this weekend's destination - denver, co.
2 - when we checked in to our hotel, they asked if we would like to upgrade to a suite for $3.50. umm, yes please. air force hotel suites aren't exactly what you would picture as ritzy and glamorous, but they are decent. lucky for us, this particular hotel is brand new, so it was actually pretty nice! besides, you can't complain much when it's only 40 bucks a night.
3 - we stayed up watching the game show network {big fav. in the averett household} and eating red velvet cupcakes to celebrate the eve of my birth. that's how spoiled i am by my husband - he wants to celebrate my birthday when it's not even my birthday yet.
4 - the mr. fed me a bunch of lies all week about how my presents weren't going to come in the mail in time and that he would only have one gift for me and how bummed he was about it. then i woke up to a counter full of presents and was shocked. not only did he lie about the presents, but he also lied about "going into work" last week when he was actually out buying me the new dslr camera i've been wanting for months! {note: i believe that lying is completely acceptable during birthdays and anniversaries. oh, and engagements - that was probably his biggest lie yet.} let me introduce you to calvin the canon. i love him so much already! all i need now is to figure out how to use the thing and i'll be golden.
5 - a birthday in our house can't officially start without a plate of german pancakes. or as they're called at the original pancake house: dutch babies. mm-mmm delish. i'm so glad this place was nearby so we could keep up our breakfast tradition!
6 - i've always wanted to go to an mlb game. in fact, it's on our bucket list. it just so happened that the denver rockies had a game yesterday and military got in for free. could we have asked for anything better? {the answer to that is actually yes - to not get stuck in traffic, making us miss the fly-by and the national anthem. we won't dwell on that though.} we had a blast soaking up some sun, eating ballpark food, and occasionally watching the game. ;)
7 - i've been in dire need of a new wardrobe. thanks to my best friend, h&m, i'm slowly making my way. is anybody else in love with this store?
8 - just when i thought the party was over, cue morgan and stephanie with the most fabulous birthday cake {no, that's not a mini fire in our hands} i've ever had. they sure know how to make a girl feel loved!

this is going to be one birthday that'll be hard to top. i'm so grateful for my sweet husband in making it so magical and for all the birthday wishes from friends and family. 22, here i come!

-the mrs.


  1. That cupcake looks like it came from Temptation Cupcake in Logan, ... oh I miss them.


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