top five friday.

of course my favorite thing from this week was hawaii, but since i already told you that last top five friday, i’ll control myself from saying it again and tell you some of my other favorite things from the week:

#1 - i had my very first energy drink. it was utterly disgusting and i don’t think i’m ever going to do it again, but it was still fun nonetheless. it made me feel like a grown up.

#2 - finally making it to utah. goodness, i love this blessed state. salt lake city is simply gorgeous and i get butterflies every time i roll into the sanpete valley. we finally got to see the city creek center that everyone is raving about. it did not disappoint. my parents were also kind enough to take us out to dinner for my birthday that is in a few weeks. holla! and tomorrow we are having a big family get together and i can hardly wait. i'm so excited to see everyone. it feels so good to be home.

#3 - my adorable niece, kaylee.

we showed up in north salt lake and were shocked that she knew both of our names.  zachary went to take a shower and she stood at the bottom of the stairs and would periodically yell, “zaaaach, uncle zaaaaach”. it was the cutest thing i have ever seen. i can’t believe how grown up she is!

#4 - snow creams. we went to a place in hawaii called matsumoto's that sells shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk on top. mmm, it's heavenly. well, there's a guy that moved from hawaii a couple years ago and lives near my hometown and has done a pretty good job at duplicating matsumoto's work. he calls them snow creams and they are to die for. i went with the mr. and my sister to get one today and we loved them.

#5 - last, but definitely not least, we got a call yesterday, letting us know that there is a house available for us on base! we’ve been fretting over housing ever since we heard the wait could be up to a year, so we are very grateful that this wasn’t the case. it’s not ready to move into until june 1st, but we are still so so excited! all i can say is that God really does answer prayers.

do you have any favorite things from the week? i want to hear about them! happy friday friends.

-the mrs.


  1. Yay for getting a house on base!!!! Do you know where and Im betting it isn't where we live due to your hubby's rank but still close enough!!!! Im jealous of the snow cream that sounds yummy and the hubby and I are always looking for different places to eat and enjoy, hopefully now that its warmer we will explore a bit more!!! Ohh and 1 of my top five things from this week was I passed my "probationary period" at work and got a raise!!! Also we are so happy that the inspection is over here on base! (be glad you missed it :)

  2. That's awesome y'all got a house on base ! Those are far and few to come between, so that is just awesome ! And what a fun trip to utah, looks beautiful ! Lucky y'all can get there so easily!


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