the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

ok, maybe the title of this post was exaggerated a little bit. my day yesterday wasn't all bad. just mostly. before i get into it, i have to back up a bit. i went to utah last week. one of my best friends came home from an lds mission and i wanted to visit her and i was also helping to throw a bridal shower for another close friend. so there was a lot going on. if you remember, my little sister also came to visit and was planning to make the trek back to utah with me. so, as we were getting things ready a couple days before, zachary noticed a bulge in the back tire of our car. we have two cars - an '06 honda accord named theo, and a '96 honda civic named stella. theo was the one with the bulge. because of the the fourth of july being a holiday and all, we found that we couldn't get new tires until after i needed to leave. so, naturally we knew that i would just have to take stella. no problem right? wrong. so very wrong.

we made it to park city, ut, about 40 miles from our destination, when i looked down and saw the check engine light was on. i got off the next exit and saw that the battery and oil light had flipped on as well. i immediately pulled over, just as stella started to smoke and died completely. awesome. here i am with nobody but my little sister and my dog and i haven't a clue what to do. oh, and did i mention it was raining? yeah, that was a fun walk to the gas station. to make a long story short, i found someone to tow us and we got the car to a nearby mechanic. it wasn't going to be ready for a day or two, so luckily, my awesome brother-in-law was kind enough to pick us up. it was a pain not having a car for the five days i was there, but whatever. i got over it.

alright, now fast forward to yesterday. the majority of it really was a good day. i was able to sleep in and hang out with my family for a few extra hours, copper slept almost the entire time in the car, and i was able to go to lunch with my sister-in-law. always a plus. i picked up my car and 700 dollars later, copper and i were on our way. i realized my phone had died and i didn't have a car charger, so i stopped in evanston, wy to pick one up. there was no way i was going to get stuck in the middle of wyoming with a dead phone. i was in wal-mart probably three minutes before the power went out. i hurried and grabbed my stuff, checked out, and when i went outside, i was seriously questioning whether or not there was a tornado out there. the wind and rain seemed to have come out of nowhere and it was making quite the uproar. that didn't make driving very easy. i braved the storm and when we were almost three hours from cheyenne, i noticed the needle on the temperature gauge was getting uncomfortably close to the red. i called the mr. and he told me to turn on the heater full blast. fun fact about me - i hate being hot. i would seriously rather freeze my butt off than be an ounce over-warm. that definitely didn't help my mood. the needle went down a little bit, but about an hour later, it was back up in the red. nothing was helping. i would pull over and let it cool down for a bit, but the moment i got back to driving, the needle would be back up again. it was really starting to stress me out. after this going on for an hour, i just started to bawl. i was afraid that the car would die again and i would be stranded all by myself, in the middle of nowhere. i prayed harder than i've ever prayed before that i could just make it home safely. by this time it was past midnight and i was exhausted. i had finally made it to laramie, about 45 minutes away and i pulled over for a good half an hour. i was most worried about the canyon between laramie and cheyenne that has a pretty steep hill. stella struggled the most going up hills. i prayed and prayed and prayed, that everything would be okay and that i wouldn't have to worry anymore. i got back on the road and my eyes were pretty much glued to the temperature gauge. so far, it was stuck right between the hot and cold - just where it should be. lo and behold, after all the ups and downs, i made it to cheyenne. and the needle didn't move once. it was reaffirmed to me that God really does answer prayers and He is mindful of me no matter how insignificant my problems may be. would i have survived being stuck alone on the side of the road? yes. but i am grateful for the power that prayer can have in making my life a little more bearable. i'm so glad i survived yesterday and if i could have one wish come true, it'd be to never experience anything like it again.

on a happier note, look at my adorable dog. i think he's the reason that the term 'puppy eyes' came about.

that's all.
-the mrs

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get home safely. I would have totally freaked out if that happened to me!

    Oh, I nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    <3 Jamie


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