blushing bride

i've mentioned a few times that i was lucky enough to help throw a shower for a friend last week. now i'm here to tell you just how fantastic it all went!

first off, the lovely bride to be:

{lacey jean bradley. isn't she just adorable??}

the guests:

the decor:

the food:

the gifts:

including a very special gift from the bestie and i: a panty parfait.

i got this idea from holly at eight six eleven. i've been following her blog for a while now and i absolutely adore her! this gift is suppose to supply the bride with some fun and sexy undies for different occasions and years to come along with a clever little poem - the perfect gift if you ask me!

{the cherry on top}

 {to last all the way from old age,
to your wedding day,
panties for every occasion,
a sexy underwear parfait}

 {this pair is for your honeymoon,
so sexy, black, and lace.
we hope you leave the hotel room,
to enjoy the gorgeous place}

 {for your first knock-down, drag out fight,
as a married couple,
when justin sees you in this little number,
he'll forgive you on the double}

{a pretty white pair for your first anniversary,
you may be feeling a little naughty.
justin still won't be able to believe,
he married such a hottie}

 {when the time is right for you and justin,
and don't be saying maybe,
you'll wear a little pink or blue,
in honor of your baby}

 {after five or ten married years,
you'll still be going strong,
but if you need a little boost,
just put this beauty on}

 {when your years of wedded bliss,
become the old 2-5,
just slip this little number on,
to keep the spark alive}

{and finally when you're old and gray,
with these you can't go wrong,
but sorry justin at that age,
you just can't wear a thong}

it really was quite the hoot watching her open and read these. it's an easy way to get lingerie to the party and still be classy at the same time. i'm so glad i was able to help out with this. i had the time of my life! i can't wait for lacey and justin to be able to experience the pure joy and happiness that comes with marriage.

-the mrs.
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  1. such a cute idea with the panty parfait! the bride is so adorable!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! LOVE the table set up and the panty parfait is such a cute idea!

  3. oh my gosh I love it!! and I am so so so sad that I missed it!! :(

  4. Super cute idea! I love the little poems!

  5. Beautiful shower, the panty parfait is absolutely hilarious!! Definitely going to have to remember that!

  6. What a fun shower! I love celebrating love! Mind if I follow along? BTW, thanks for the sweet blog comment- you made my day!

  7. The panty parfait came out great! I love all the decor, looks like a fun time :)

  8. What a beautiful shower! Love the decorations, and such a cute idea with the panty parfait. Also, that bride is just so cute and smiley, like all brides should be :)

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I'm your newest follower!



  9. The panty parfait is a really cute idea. Found you at Ginger Snap Crafts.

  10. that panty parfait idea is so creative! Totally going to use that when my friends and I start getting married


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