top five friday.

happy friday folks! aren't you glad it's the weekend? i sure am. here are my favorite things from the week:

#1 - the mr. and i officially bought our first piece of racquetball gear!

we were sick of the goggles at the gym either falling off or squeezing our heads too tight, not to mention that everyone and their dog has worn them and sweated (swat?) in them also. sick. you've gotta start somewhere right? i love them already. they really do protect you too! the mr. {accidentally} nailed me in the face with the ball on our very first night wearing these. i was numb for an hour. thank goodness for goggles!

#2 - the usaf thunderbirds. i didn't actually go see them perform because 1. i'm lazy and didn't want to change out of my pajamas. and 2. the mr. had to work and if i was going to go to my very first thunderbirds show, i wanted it to be with him. the good news is that we live kind of by the airport though, so they flew right over our house! it was awesome.

#3 - speaking in church. i know - this isn't something i ever imagined to be on top five friday either, but it is. with it being pioneer day last week and all, we were given to topic of "heritage". i'm pretty sure i moaned and complained the entire week about this topic. how are you supposed to speak on that for a half an hour?? zachary and i rounded up all of our resources and got the job done though. i'm not sure how good it was, but i did get some serious validation, when the 10 year old behind me in primary tapped my shoulder and quietly said, "i really liked your talk today." *commence heart melting*

#4 - blogging. as i said in my last post, i'm starting a new blog. and even though it can be stressful in trying to decide what to cook/bake and making sure the pictures look decent, i have found a sincere passion for it already and it's only been a few days! i'm extremely grateful for the support of my friends and family because really, i couldn't do it without them. i feel way more vulnerable in trying to get it going than i am comfortable with, so it's nice to know that people have my back - especially my handsome husband. every time i begin to freak out and want to quit because i'm so afraid of failure, he's quick to calm me down and build me back up again. i really got a good one. now, i'm going to give you a preview of what you're missing on our little blog, in hopes that you'll check it out and follow it yourself. yes, that's how i roll. ;) thanks!

#5 - my best friend and her husband came to visit!! i can't believe it either. they were actually the second people to visit this week. zachary's cousin and aunt were driving through from back east the other day and stopped by to see us. who would've thought that little cheyenne would be such a popular place?! i can't tell you how good it was to see all of them. it made me wish that i could go back to the good ol' days of watching movies and hanging out in kaitlyn's basement and not having a worry in the world! gosh i miss that girl.

hope you have a great weekend!

-the mrs.


  1. I love your top 5 friday posts. And I think I have your cream shirt you're wearing in the picture with Kaitlyn. Love it!

  2. We loved loved LOVED seeing you two! As soon as we left, I missed you and wanted to come right back. Hopefully it will happen again soon :) love you best friend!


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