top five friday.

maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but i didn't do a top five last week. things were too crazy and my parents don't have the internet at their house {crazy, i know}, so i just decided to bag it. but that means that i get to give you my top five favorite things from the past two weeks. be excited.

#1 - the denver aquarium. when i picked my little sister up from the airport {which was so fun to have her here by the way}, we made a jaunt to downtown denver and went to the aquarium. with tickets being 22 bucks a piece, i was expecting something fantastic. i'll be honest, it fell short of my expectations, but we still had fun.

 i'm a pirahna, they're in the amazon. {name that movie!}

if you guessed 'finding nemo' then you guessed right! and here's a lovely 'finding nemo' tank to celebrate.

i kind of have a feeling that we accidentally skipped half of the stuff that we were supposed to see, but whatever i guess. we still made the best of it!

#2 - the fourth of july. guys. i can't believe how much i fell in love with this holiday this year. we were doing stuff all day for it! we went to a pancake breakfast that our church put on:

 {don't judge the crazy hair. stupid cheyenne wind.}

we had an awesome barbecue with friends:
 {look at that get-up! it was just as delish as it looks.}

and we watched fireworks on a baseball field on base. it doesn't get more american than that!
it really was a freaking blast. every last bit of it. if christmas wasn't my all-time favorite holiday, this one would be for sure!

#3 - tie dying.

i think i've only tie dyed a shirt once and it turned out to look like poop. literally. all of the colors blended together and there was nothing but an ugly brown color left. not appealing at all. i was afraid of that happening this time, but i got lucky. you may now call me a tie-dying genius.

not too shabby, if i say so myself!

#4 - summer. even though i am a heat-hater and our house doesn't have air conditioning {making it absolutely unbearable some days}, i have loved being able to go outside and sit in the shade for hours on end and not even think twice about it. i am not looking forward to the snowy days this winter, so i am soaking up the warmth every chance i get! as i was outside with copper yesterday, this little guy {or i guess girl?} came to say hello:

ladybugs just scream summer to me! is there anything in particular that makes you feel like summer is definitely here?

#5 - a friends reunion. the bestie and i spent all day saturday, putting suff together for our friend's bridal shower. {more to come on that later!}

i can't even tell you how good it was to see everyone at that shower. i have had the same friends since i was about ten years old. that's when i moved to utah and these lovely girls took me under their wing:

 {l to r: kaitlyn, me, shandi, feleicia, amie, lacey}

and this isn't even all of them! some of them are still on lds missions and one of them wasn't able to make it. it has literally been almost 2 years since i have seen some of them. i don't know what i would do without these girls in my life. they have seriously helped shape who i am today. i'm so grateful to have grown up with such great examples around me!

hope you're having a wonderful friday! i'm getting started on a craft that i can't wait to show you all. wish me luck!

-the mrs.

i would love to hear about your 5 favorite things from this week! grab my button and link up below, so i can read all about it!!

Zachary and Sarah

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