confession: i don't know crap about how to do hair. seriously. i was the girl in high school that put her hair in a ponytail every single day. partly because of the fact that i looked like a drowned rat with it down {no volume, whatsoever} and partly because i just plain didn't know how to do it. then i discovered the concept of 'teasing' your hair. that works well, although zachary thinks i look like his second grade teacher every time i do it. but at least it's not flat and hideous! {i hope} the only down side to teasing is that anytime there is wind, my hair turns into one hopeless mess. kinda like this:

becky and i. sure miss that girl!

but usually much worse. what i wouldn't give for a head of nice, thick, beautiful hair that will style any way i want it to. or to be able to get out of the shower and let my hair dry on its own, only to have some rockin' beachy waves, hours later.

the good news is, that i recently discovered dry shampoo. a friend shared a blog about it {which you should read even if you don't care about dry shampoo. it's entertaining} a few months ago, but i didn't try it until last week. it's incredible. my hair is super fine and thin, so blow drying and straightening it every day takes a hard toll on it. now i've started showering the night before work, letting my hair dry while i sleep, then just using the dry shampoo to freshen it up. that way i don't have to worry about waking up early enough to shower, blow dry my hair, etc. i feel like my hair actually works better when i do it this way instead of styling it right off the blow dryer. after seeing success in this, it then got me wondering...are there any other tricks that i'm completely unaware of that you ladies use out there? what do you use to give your hair a little extra volume? any tips on getting perfect curls to stay in all day long? what kind of styling tools do you use and love? do you use a curling iron or a straightener to curl your hair? what kind of product do you use to protect your hair from the heat? and if you do use dry shampoo, what's your favorite brand? i'm not looking for something incredible that i've never heard of before. i'm just wondering what you do and hope to possibly get help on learning how to turn my hair into something worth looking at.



  1. shera! i'm no expert (as you well know) but i curled my hair like this girl says in the link below, and it worked so so good!! i think we have pretty similar hair types so maybe it will work on yours too!


    oh and this one worked pretty good as well:


    also, i recently bought a nice round brush which gives me some more added volume. i just add a little mousse and vwala! bigger hair :)

  2. I've only used dry shampoo once, and it was pretty cool. I hate having to wash all the time. But I have to or my face breaks out :P

    And I'm the worst person to ask about hair. I don't use product in my hair, and I don't even own a brush :P

  3. Katlin - thank you so much! I watched that video and that girl's hair is incredible! I need to grow my hair out so it can look like that. Do you add mousse when you're just doing it straight too?

    Makamae - I have the same problem. I think I'm going to go buy a shower cap, so I can still shower, but not have to worry about getting my hair wet!


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