oh, how pinteresting: words

apparently, i need to be a professional pinner.
and facebook addict.
oh, and blog stalker.
found here via michelle johnson

zachary and i must be real lovers.
i'd be embarrassed if someone saw how silly we really are.
we can sure make each other laugh though!
found here via mykel beorchia

 my 11th grade english teacher used to say that dresses are like english papers.
"they should be long enough to cover the topic,
but short enough to make it interesting."
found here via lisa marquardson

 someday, i hope to really live.
found here via laurin wilson

 i need to take this to heart.
i loathe the wind.
guess i need to embrace and enjoy it from now on.
found here via kim coelho

 how true is this?
nobody is perfect, but we are all capable of becoming such.
found here via brittany mason

i saw a sign like this at jimmy john's when i was passing
through cheyenne, wyoming last year.
it'll give you something to think about the next time you're on a date.

zachary has needed to tell me this a few times recently.
i get so wrapped up in things that are so trivial.
let it be and let the real things matter.
found here via kim coelho

what are you pinning this week?



  1. SO I just re-pinned your first pin. Isn't that the truth?!

  2. Haha pin away my friend. They're some of my favs :)

  3. I love these!! Awesome Sarah!! Miss you guys! Let's skype?

  4. Well ACTUALLY, now that you mention it. I JUST posted a blog about a recipe I found on pinterest. I don't know if you love Fat Jacks as much as me but I found a way to make fat sticks at home. BLAM!

  5. I want this recipe for fat sticks!! Choose me!


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