oh, how pinteresting: wish list.

we've all been there.
we sit on pinterest for hours, only to leave empty-handed.
i know the feeling well.
here are some things i would own if i could have anything on pinterest.
{besides the lovely houses, adorable children and trips to tropical paradises of course}

'hearts and daggers' by ed hardy.
i am obsessed with this perfume.
i have a hard time justifying buying it when i have enough perfume as it is.
i really just need to suck it up and take the plunge.

 'lucky us' keychain.
attached are pennies from significant years.
ie. the year you both were born, you met, you married, etc.
i think it's adorable and is a cute reminder of each other.
found here via kayla scott

a silhouette cameo.
i've lusted over die cut machines time and time again.
i don't have any real need for them.
i'm not running a business that requires perfect perfect edges and corners.
i don't even scrapbook.
but someday i'd like to own one and when i do, it'll be one of these babies.

 this bed frame.
i've been married over a year now and still don't have a headboard on our bed.
old headboards make me swoon.
i adore them, but i don't know where to find them.
i love this headboard and frame though.
the cool thing about it is it's actually homemade.
zachary and i want to take a weekend sometime and whip out our mad
carpentry skills to make this.
my favorite part are the cubbies underneath.
found here via kylee labrum

this craft room.
yes, i want this exact one.
isn't it gorgeous?
i love the color scheme and the layout.
it would be impossible to have a creativity block in here.

 this crate vignette.
it's so simple and rustic.
all i need is to find some crates that are big enough to fit the bill.
it'd go perfect in my living room.

this sign.
zachary sings this song to me and it makes me happy.
we're going to sing it to our kids for as long as they live.
we most definitely need this in our house.
found here via terri bleam

this monogrammed ring.
it just belongs on my finger.
maybe for our next anniversary.

 this laundry rack.
it gets the job done, but isn't sitting annoyingly in your living room.
it's perfect!

 lastly, this swimming suit.
with summer soon approaching and knowing that my old swimming suit
is so used that it's almost see through, i'm in the market to buy a new one.
i'll be honest, i thought this one was kind of weird at a first glance.
then it kind of grew on me and now i'm pretty sure i have to have it.

there you have it.
my current wish list.
and on another note, my birthday is in 89 days.
wink wink.



  1. Love that headboard! Is there a way you could DIY to make it look old? There must be!

  2. i love that bathing suit it's so cute! also... the ring. I'm pretty sure i have to have it also! sooo adorable.

  3. I made it on your blog! (sorta) haha I love that headboard too. If only we had the skills. Props on updating this so much!


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