oh, how pinteresting: valentine's edition.

it's time for another "oh, how pinteresting" wednesday!
since we won't have another wednesday before valentine's day, i'm going to share my favorite valentine's day pins:

 what's better than cinnamon rolls?
cinnamon rolls in the shape of hearts.
so cute.

 first off, this looks super comfy.
second, i would totally wear this on valentine's day.
it says, "i support this holiday, but not so much that it's annoying."
love it.

this is so cute!
zachary loves hot cocoa, so these would be way fun for valentine's day.
i think i'll be making a trip to joann's today to pick up some mini heart cut-outs.

i want this.
my first thought when i see stuff like this is, "how could i make that?"
someday when i get my silhouette cameo, i'll give it a go.

 my mom and i saw these last week and couldn't stop laughing.
aren't they so funny?
i can't wait to have kids, so i can send them to school with some of these.
heck, i think i'll make them for zachary and i anyway.

 this would actually be a very simple diy.
it's creative and simple and would go well anywhere in the house.

i am in love with this wreath.
i've looked everywhere for the materials to make it.
i even e-mailed the girl who made this one.
she wasn't any help at all.
i guess i'll just have to love it on the internet instead of on my front door.

what are you pinning this week?

1 comment:

  1. I love that tree/heart picture. Very pretty :)

    The rest is cute too!


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