top five friday.

#1 - we sold our motorcycle! after 2 and a half months of wishing, hoping, and praying we finally cleaned our hands of the dang thing. i'd only ridden it once - for a much needed ice cream run.

maybe that's why i felt such vehemence towards it, because i didn't experience it enough to actually appreciate it. whether i liked it or not though, that's a $3500 debt that is cleared from our name! all day long i've been logging on to our bank account, just so i can see the big fat zero next to the motorcycle loan tab. paying off debt is so satisfying.

#2 - waking up to this on valentine' day:

i finished up getting ready for the day and stepped out of the bathroom only to be welcomed by a trail of rose petals. i had to bend down and touch them to see if they were real, because they were so pretty! they were. they led me down the stairs and through the living room and when i turned the corner, this is what i found. i married such a sweet man. i thank God for him every single day.

#3 - staying in and eating pizza on the most lovey-dovey day of the year.

i honestly wouldn't mind making this a tradition. it was easy, cheap, and oddly romantic. plus, what says 'love' more than a heart-shaped pizza?

#4 - skype. zachary and i had a skype date with arika a few days ago and then i had one with kaitlyn yesterday as well and it made me miss them so stinking much! what is it about being able to see a person's face while talking to them that makes it so much more enjoyable? i want and need to do it more often.

#5 - this phone case:

i am obsessed. i've almost saved up enough of my fun money to go ahead and buy it. i can't wait!

what are you loving this week?


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