i believe...

...in singing in the shower.

...in saying "i love you" more often than necessary.

...you haven't really lived until you've been to disneyland.

...in having dinner at the table, not in front of the television.

...in sparkles. sparkly shirt, sparkly shoes, sparkly bag...it's all lovely.

...having your back tickled is the best way to be woken up.

...i feel far more comfortable around someone that talks too much than someone who doesn't talk at all.

...in blanket forts. my kids will learn at an early age, the best ways to make one.

...working full-time inevitably equals a messy house.

...respect is obtained faster when you learn to control your temper.

...this outfit needs to find its way into my closet:

...some people's brains fall out when they get behind the wheel.

...in camping in the backyard. i have fond memories of doing that with my little brother and sister.

...in making fancy dinners for no good reason.

...in being dip-kissed often.

...kettle corn and mozzarella cheese go together wonderfully.

...weekend getaways are good for the soul.

...it's never okay to be rude.

...i need an alaskan malamute someday.

...i'm going to freeze in cheyenne next winter.

...in putting people above objects.

what do you believe in?



  1. Sarah, I hope you know that I love your blog so much! I look forward to reading it all the time! You are such an amazing person! Thanks for the light you bring in my life...even though you are hundreds of miles away and I haven't seen you in years. I hope life is going well!


    Jenna Haderlie

  2. i believe...

    ... you are cute.
    ... we need to skype.

  3. Thank you Jenna! I just found out that you had a blog. Consider me your newest follower! :)

    Kate, thank you and you are right! I'll text you to see when's a good time :)

  4. Lovin on your husband while he's not deployed :)

  5. I love this! Love. You are such a great writer and I'm so glad when I see you have a new post!


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