giveaway winner!

it's time people. i know my giveaway ended last night at midnight and i had all these plans to stay up until then to do the official drawing and such, but after a two hour flight, an hour long bus ride, and a three hour drive, the only thing i cared about doing was snuggling with my husband in my very own bed. then, i had to go to work in the morn and was so busy catching up on the days i missed, that i haven't been able to pick a winner until now. so, if you were sneaky and commented any time after last night...good for you.

i just cut and labeled all of these.

good thing there were only thirteen of you or this might have been really difficult.

who's it going to be??
{i've actually got really bad butterflies right now}

drum roll please....

congratulations arika on winning this giveaway!!
if you could e-mail me your address at sarah_june7@hotmail.com, i will send this out today...or you could just text me, cause let's be honest, things aren't very professional over here.
we like to live on the edge at the zachary and sarah blog.
thank you everyone else for playing!
it was actually kinda fun.
maybe i'll have to do another one.

-the wife

p.s. if you are interested in entering another giveaway, my friend kynslie, is hosting one to win some movie tickets and it is actually pretty cool. i'm working on it right now and can't wait to post my picture! also, my friend, meg, is giving away one of her custom made iphone cases on my sister-in-law, nikki's blog. i'll be the first to tell you that they are such stinking cute cases! i'm saving up for one right now. it would make my day if i were to win nikki's giveaway. head on over to these blogs and check them out!


  1. DANG IT! well, maybe next time. Thanks for the shout out girlfriend! I'm excited to see your art is project.

  2. No problemo! I hope I finish the Art Is in time...I'm helping to decorate for our ward's Valentine's dance tomorrow night, so I have no time to do anything I want. :( I'll be sure to work on it hard core on Sunday though! I really want those movie tickets :)


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