top five friday.

1 - our new table:

we've been trying to save up for this bad boy for months, but every time we got close we would spend our money on less important things. it feels so good to finally have something more than a card table. don't get me wrong, that card table worked wonders and i'm so grateful for the ephraim lds institute for buying it for us or we probably wouldn't have had a table at all until now. but it sure makes a world of a difference to have a real table. we've had it for almost a week and i am still pleasantly surprised every time i walk into our kitchen.

2 - the san luis obispo farmer's market. i didn't get any pictures, but boy was it fun! we've heard so many good things about it since we moved to santa maria and it did not disappoint.

3 - getting to have dinner with the cliffords one last time.

they moved to san diego this week and boy were we sad to see them go. they've been wonderful friends to us and we are glad we got to live close to them for the little time that we did!

4 - mini golfing. every time we drive up north, we pass this super cute mini golfing place and every time we talk about how we should have a date night there. well, we did it and we were more than impressed. so. much. fun.

on the very last hole, they take your ball and you can't get it back, so we decided that we would wait to do the last hole until after we played a game on each of the two courses there. then whatever score we got on the last hole would count for both games. as we were finishing up, i told zachary that maybe we should play another game, just in case we tie. all he said was that it would be basically impossible to tie. so when all was said and done, i added up the scores and what do ya know...we tied. i won by four in the first game and he won by four in the second. it looks like we will be making another trip there in the not so distant future. it was the most fun i've had on a mini golf course though, so i'm not complaining.

5 - i'm going to utah today! i can't wait to see everyone!

what are you loving this week?

-the wife


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