oh how pinteresting: dessert.

i don't know what my problem is today, but all i want is a tall glass of milk and something that will leave me with a sugar hangover. here are a few things i've been dying to try, while wishing junk food friday would come sooner.

 coconut cream pie.
this is exactly the kind of pie that should be served at every thanksgiving.
no more of the nasty fruit ones.
just coconut cream, pecan, and pumpkin.

lemon crumb squares.
o. m. g. these are to die for.
i've made them a handful of times and i'm still working them
off because i ate so many.
found here via amy reeves

oreo cheesecake bites.
i am a cheesecake die-hard.
for the last few years, my mom has made me a cheesecake for my
birthday instead of a traditional cake because i love it so much.
these look fabulous.
i have a feeling i'll be giving them a go here in the near future.
found here via virginia lewis

homemade samoas.
if you have never heard of a samoa, there is something seriously wrong with you.
i just bought a box from a cute little girl scout.
when they're eaten within the first hour of receiving them, i'll
be sure to keep this recipe in mind.
found here via nikki barton.

one-pan skillet cookie.
zachary and i received a cookie skillet as a white elephant gift
at his squadron christmas party.
i'm not sure what it is about being able to spoon a cookie out of
a skillet rather than just holding it in your hand, but it's delightful!
i recommend you get one asap.
found here via cindy hampton.

homemade twix candy bars.
i'm not a chocolate lover, but if i had to pick a favorite candy bar,
it'd definitely be a twix.
i've actually made these bad boys a time or two.
i find it's easier to make them into bars rather than what you see in the picture.
either way though, they're like heaven in your mouth.
found here via lori brenizer.

last but not least, dulce de leche cheesecake bars.
i am craving these right now.
like hard core.
my friend made them a few weeks ago when she came over for
dinner and i have wanted more ever since.
i think i'll have to stop by the store on my way home.

what are you pinning this week?



  1. Yum! These all look delicious. Especially the samoas. I am craving them now!

  2. I hate you.

    But only because I am now craving every single one of those delectable looking desserts!

  3. Haha! I can't wait to try them. If either of you do, be sure to let me know how they turn out!

  4. YUM! I'm pretty sure I need to make those lemon crumb bars. now.

  5. I'm so hungry right now! LOL

    those all look delicious :)


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