belly button blanket tutorial

it's no secret: i love to crochet. so when i came across this pin on pinterest a few months ago, i fell in love. i've made three or four of these blankets and maybe i'm biased because i'm the one making them, but i think they're beyond adorable. it's known around our house as the 'belly button blanket' because the mr. thinks it looks like a bunch of outie belly buttons made out of yarn. silly boy.

anyway,  i found out my friend was having a baby shower a couple weeks ago and i knew just what to give her. i rounded up a few skeins of yarn and got to work. i made sure to give myself a good couple of days to do it, so i'd have it finished in time. that was until i learned i was making the blanket from hell.

i started and re-started this blanket nine times. nine! one of those times, i was over halfway done before i realized that the bobbles weren't matching up. it was so frustrating. most of my problem was the fact that every time i make one of these, i have to re-teach myself how it's done. the directions from the website where the pattern originated from were a little bit vague, so each time i start a new blanket, i have to recalculate how many stitches to do in order to make things turn out looking right. i've decided that i just need somewhere solid to write everything down, so i won't want to pull my hair out the next time i make one and then i thought, "hey, why not share this pattern with the rest of the world?" so, here goes:

{this blanket turns out to be roughly 35"x35". if you want to make it bigger or smaller, adjust your foundation chain accordingly.}

1. first off, loosely chain 92 for your foundation chain and turn.
2. for row 1, double crochet into the third chain from your hook and continue double crocheting until you get to the end of your row. {91 stitches}
3. chain 2 and turn.
4. for row 2, double crochet into the second chain on your previous row and continue double crocheting until the end of your row.
5. chain 2 and turn.
6. for row 3, double crochet 4.
7. {time to spice it up!} in the next hole {the 5th one on your row} do a treble crochet, but don't pull it through the last loop. with 2 loops on your hook, do a treble crochet again into the same hole, but don't pull it through the last loop again. this should leave you with 3 loops on your hook. repeat this until you have 5 loops on your hook. then yarn over and pull through all the loops. {i like to stop and tighten each treble crochet as i'm working through the bobble. this prevents the bobble from turning out kind of pointy. it's not necessary, but i like the look better.}
8. continue on with your double crochet for 8 chains.
9. repeat steps 7 and 8 until you finish the 10th bobble.
10. double crochet 4.
11. chain 2 and turn.
12. for row 4, double crochet into the second chain on your previous row and continue double crocheting until you get to the end of your row.
13. chain 2 and turn.
14. for row 5, double crochet 9 and then make your bobble using the instructions in step 7.
15. continue on with your double crochet for 8 chains.
16. repeat steps 7 and 8 until you finish your 9th bobble.
17. double crochet 9.
18. chain 2 and turn.
19. repeat steps 4-18 until you've reached your desired length. {i usually do about 51 rows}

now for the ruffles:

1. do two treble crochets into each hole around the entireedge of your blanket. {i know, it takes forever. hang in there!}
2. now, go around the entire edge again, {just when you thought you were done. sorry!} but this time, alternate between two treble crochets in each hole and only one treble crochet.
3. finish off any loose ends and you are done!

it really is such a simple pattern. it takes a while, but it's a fun hobby to pass the time in long car rides or on a lazy afternoon. be sure to let me know if you try and if so, i want to see pictures! enjoy.

-the mrs.

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  1. I love that! I'm going to have to try it. I have a friend who is having a baby in a few weeks.


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