top five friday.

#1 - girl's nights and glitter toes. i had a little get together with my friends, sarah and whitney, over the weekend and we had such a good time! we popped in 'baby mama' {a personal fav} and chatted while we painted our nails. it doesn't get more girly than that. i followed a tutorial by my friend kynslie to do my glitter toes and it actually worked incredibly well. my toes are still glitterfied and it's been an entire week. impressive.

{don't judge my feet. they're special.}

#2 - my very first rocket launch. it's not every day you get to see a 25+ story-tall rocket be launched into space. it definitely went up a lot quicker than i was expecting, but it was still freaking awesome to watch.

#3 - the fact that i convinced my big brother to fly out and visit us....this wednesday! i am more excited than i have words for. i don't know the last time that i spent more than just a couple days with him. it's going to be so fun to catch up and show him around.

#4 - target. i went a little crazy there last night. zachary and i are planning {i use planning very loosely} a special trip next month. one that requires a cute swim suit and lots of sunscreen. so, remember that swim suit cover up that was featured on last week's top five friday? well, i bought it. except i got the purple one. love it! it doesn't stop there though. i also got this swim suit {in peppermint} and these bottoms {also in peppermint} to go with said cover up, this swim suit {because you can't have just one} and this cover up {in gray}. good thing i had a skype date with the bestie to get me outta there or i probably would have bought everything in the store. i love target so much! *cough* my-birthday-is-in-a-month-and-i'd-gladly-accept-a-target-gift-card *cough*

#5 - and finally, after my post of distress yesterday, i'm happy to tell you that i woke up this morning at 6:30, ran 2 miles, did jillian michael's 30 day shred, and was only ten minutes late to work. not bad for my first day! i'm feeling kind of sleepy right now and i have blisters the size of quarters on my feet {got any suggestions for new running shoes?}, but i feel proud. let's just hope i can keep it up.

happy friday folks.


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Zachary and Sarah

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  1. blisters from new running shoes are never good! so for suggestions: bandaid em up and don't let them discourage you! If band-aids don't stay, cut a small piece of duck tape and put over your blisters. It protects the blister and the shoe just slides over the tape. Be careful about pulling off the duck tape though. It might be better to leave it on for a few days until you work into your running shoes and the blister heals.

    Or it's possible that your running shoes are too small. You should buy running shoes 1 1/2 sizes bigger than your normal shoe size. I normally wear 7 1/2 shoes but my running shoes are 9.

    Hope that helps! Keep going girl! Getting up early and getting it done in the morning is SOOOO much easier! And your body will get used to it. As far as feeling super tired during the day, try taking a 20 minute nap on your lunch break (now that we're real adults with real jobs, and get those...). Or my Mom is always telling me how the hours of sleep that you get before midnight are much more effective than the hours after midnight (even if you sleep in super late!) and it's seriously true.

    Sorry this comment is so long! Hope you're having a wonderful day! Miss you!!

  2. @Jena It wouldn't surprise me if my running shoes are too small. I hate buying them bigger! I think most of the problem though is that I just need new ones. I've had these ones for over a year and I think they're just ready to kick the bucket. What is your favorite brand of running shoes? Thank you for the tips girly!


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