top five friday.

#1 - my brother is here! i went and picked him up on wednesday night in santa barbara. usually i'm getting ready for bed by 10:00, but that's what time i left for the airport. i must really love him. it's been so fun to hang out with him though. it makes me realize how much i miss my family. i think i tend to just suppress those feelings because i know i can't do anything about it, but i've felt them a lot more while being around him. i'm so glad he came all the way out here! it makes me feel so loved.

#2 - yanagi sushi and grill.

 {sorry for the blurriness!}

we've frequented this place a lot since we've been here. our bank account doesn't love it, but we sure do. usually i just stick with the veggie sushi, but i went out on a limb last night and tried the calamari and fish. if you know me at all, you know that's kind of a big deal. i am no seafood lover in any way, shape, or form, but it wasn't half bad!

#3 - crocheting. guys. i feel like a nerd saying this, but crocheting is so much fun! i've been making a blanket for my friend's baby {which has actually been a lot harder than usual. boo.} and if i had the time, i think i could do it all day. actually, i already do it all day. i've been bringing my crochet to work and it makes the time go by so much quicker. not only is it fun, but it's so rewarding to make something and know that you did it. wanna learn how? this blog has a pretty good beginner's tutorial. let me know how it goes!

#4 - christmas lights. i've always loved them at christmas time, but i learned this weekend that i love them just as much {if not more} when it's not christmas time.

doesn't this just make you happy? this was from our trip to l.a. this weekend. we've been to a few places here in cali that decorate their streets with the glow of these lights and i think it sets such a romantic mood.

#5 - this blog post about having kids. no worries, this isn't my confession to being pregnant now or anytime in the near future. don't go jumping to conclusions on me. i've already gotten enough of that since i announced that we want to sell our coupe and get a four door car. sheesh people. but i would be lying if i said this blog post didn't touch me. i can totally relate to what this woman is saying. i feel like part of me is shying away from wanting kids right now because all i hear anyone talking about is how hard it is and how much work it is and how i'll never sleep again and blah blah blah. it's nice to know that it won't be all bad and that there actually are some rewards to parenthood. that's all.

happy friday folks!


Zachary and Sarah


  1. Thanks for the link to the blog. I am having one of the more negative "just wait" weeks because Wes is constantly fussing. We aren't sure if he is sick or frustrated his body won't let him do everything he wants to do or spoiled (although I hear babies can't be spoiled). But the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. It is good to be reminded of the cute and sweet things they do. You're so cute Sarah! I love your top 5 Fridays. I feel like you are just so positive and optimistic about life and I could use some of that right now.

  2. Cute post! I haven't been blogging much lately, but I enjoy reading your fun blog! I made mine private- send me your email if you want an invite. Annoying, I know! :)


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