general conference.

i feel like i've been in a rut lately. a spiritual rut. i say my prayers every day, i read my scriptures {most days}, we try to have family home evening every week, but i feel like i've just been going through the motions rather than actually having a deep will and desire to spiritually strengthen myself.

and then general conference happened.

man alive, i think that was the best conference i've ever listened to. i actually stayed awake for all four sessions this time! i was blown away by how personal the talks were. there were so many good ones that it's hard to pick a favorite, but if i had to, i'd say the one i enjoyed the most was by larry y. wilson. if he doesn't spark some motivation in ya, i don't know what will. i told zachary that his talk is the blueprint for how i want to raise our kids someday. i highly recommend reading it. it makes me grateful that we have general conference so i can be reinvigorated to do good.

what was your favorite talk?


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  1. I have been in such a spiritual rut lately too! Thanks for posing this- nice to know I'm not the only one!!!


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