it's funny what time is capable of. i've heard zachary frequently say that it's a 'robber of memories'. it makes you forget. which could be a good or a bad thing. in zachary's case, he's usually referring to his mom. he wishes he could remember her smell and her charming, quirky ways a little more readily. sometimes, time is the enemy.

alternatively, time can help you forget the things you don't want to remember. i know there were plenty of times in my dramatic high school days when after an embarrassing moment or a break up with a boy, i was sure that life couldn't possibly go on. lucky for me, i can't remember half of the stupid things i did and i realize that most of the boys i dated were losers anyway. this makes time my friend.

but i think my favorite characteristic of time is that the more it's spent with someone, the more you learn to love them. unconditionally. two years ago yesterday, i went on my very first date with zachary. since then, i have fallen more in love than i thought possible. and the cool thing is? it happens more every day.

since we ate at a thai restaurant on our first date, we started a tradition last year to eat at one on every april 10th. so, off to boonie's we went.

it's so fun to look back on the last two years and see all the places that time has taken us. i can't wait to see what else is in store!



  1. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I just fell in love with this post. I think it's how you talk about time so differently, it was enchanting and sweet.

  2. @Brit Thank you Britain!! I'm glad you liked it :)


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