dear body,

i'm not sure what else to say other than i am sorry. so so sorry. especially to you, little arms.

you'd think that after years of getting sunburned during soccer games, bike rides, and camping, i would know that the beach wouldn't be an exception. apparently i still have some learning to do.

i will tell you this though: when i laid down my towel this weekend on that soft, warm sand, putting on sunscreen really did cross my mind. don't worry, i would never purposely neglect you. but after a struggle in my brain, and the desire to be beautifully tanned for our upcoming trip, i was left with the idea that you might have a sense of invincibility about you. what a mistake.

but now, even through the burning showers, the constant need to apply my sunburn crack {aka aloe vera} and the fact that the mr. can hardly touch me without almost sending me into tears, i think our beach day might possibly have been worth it. we went with some dear friends of ours, the dossetts, and what a wonderful day it was.

i think it was the warmest day we've had since being here.

{aren't they so cute?}

we did everything from eating ice cream on the pier to spotting some dophins in the ocean to playing football in the sand, and seeing a 70 year old in a bikini. {what. a. sight.} oh and you can't forget playing paddle ball! that game sure was fun. the mr. and i need to get us some supplies for it asap.

i've learned my lesson though, dear body. mark this as the day i vow to always wear sunscreen everywhere i go. i hope you'll forgive my stupidity and recover quickly! thanks.

-the mrs.


  1. Hope your burn goes away quickly... Love the pics! :-)

  2. Ouch!! A random tip someone told me. Shower and pour vinegar over the burn. It will sting, but it will help the burn heal quicker.

  3. What the? That sounds awful! Haha Sounds interesting though. I don't think I'd be brave enough to try it. Ha

  4. oh gosh, that sunburn looks brutal!! hope you heal soon!
    xo TJ


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