top five friday.

today has been a long day. i've had people looking at our apartment, movers coming and giving us estimates, lots of cleaning to do, and an earache. i waited at the clinic for 2 hours to get it looked at only to be told that there was nothing wrong with me. heeelllooo! if there was nothing wrong with me then why would i be there? luckily the pharmacist at target hooked me up with some stuff. needless to say, this is a much needed top five friday, so i can see that my life isn't as bad as i sometimes think it is. ;)

#1 - visits from friends. jimmy and becky dossett live about three hours away and were so kind as to drive that entire way, just to spend the weekend with us. i couldn't stop thinking over and over how great it is that we've seen them only once in the past year and yet it felt like we just picked up where we left off. we met them last year at asbc in alabama. they were some of the first friends we made on this air force journey and i can tell that we will be friends for a long, long time. i can't wait until our next adventure!

 #2 - yesterday was my last day of work! and man, did it feel good. i really did enjoy my job. my bosses were fabulous and it wasn't too strenuous. it's just nice to have a break is all. good news though - i have a phone interview for a pharmacy tech job on monday. i'm not sure why i just told you that because i don't want to look like a fool when i don't get it. but i guess i can use as many prayers as possible. i fear getting my hopes up too much because i have no experience whatsoever, so my chances of getting it are pretty slim. but something deep down inside of me keeps telling myself that maybe, just maybe, it could happen. cross your fingers for me!

#3 - my handsome, selfless husband.

i snapped this picture while he wasn't looking. my legs were killing me from being sunburned, so he grabbed a towel and fanned them for a good ten minutes. it was heavenly. i married such a good man.

#4 - this headband:

i found the pattern for it on this website and had to try it out. isn't it just adorable? and it's so easy to make. maybe crocheting isn't nerdy after all.

#5 - just california. this is my last top five friday from here and let me tell you - i'm going to miss it like crazy. i'm sure cheyenne will be great and will have lots to offer, but it definitely won't be anything like this place. on the other hand though, i'm craving some stability. not monotony, just consistency. i want somewhere that will finally feel like home. so, thank you california for the grand time. you truly have been delightful, but it's time to move on. maybe we'll be back in another four years or so! one can only hope...

happy friday friends!

-the mrs.


  1. I understand the need for consistency. I haven't had it for almost a year now, and it has been driving me nuts as of late. And it is looking as though we won't have it for another... 8-9 months. Ugh. Lucky you! You get to have your own house soon!

  2. We will miss you!! Have fun in the snow! *snicker*

  3. Sarah, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You and your hubby are adorable as well. :-) How exciting about your move. I can certainly relate to your last paragraph about wanting consistency and looking forward to feeling at home. I'm hoping when we move back to the US we can finally settle a bit. I'm looking forward to following your adventures via your blog!


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