top five friday!

#1 - our weekend adventure with the brother. we've been to slo/pismo a few times, but for some reason it just wasn't quite as fun until we took daniel up there. we ate at the splash cafe {home of the world's best clam chowder}:

left our mark on the gumball wall:

and ran into some ca-razy cal poly students {they were actually a lil' bit creepy}:

i know i've sounded like a broken record for the last few 'top five fridays', but i really did love having daniel here. it was just what i needed!

#2 - butterbeer. yes, you read that right. harry potter butterbeer. for those of you who don't know, the mr. is a root beer lover. he likes to collect the glass bottles, so we have seriously 40+ bottles sitting in our kitchen right now. i think it's cool. anyway, while he was browsing around our favorite candy store the other day, looking for another one to add to his collection, i got to chatting it up with one of the workers there. he was showing me all the different novelty drinks that they carry. ones like bacon, corn oil, buffalo wings, etc. {sick, i know}. then he continued to tell me how they were one of the few places in the country that got bottles of butterbeer from harry potter land itself. i couldn't pass that up! i had to get one. and let me tell you, i now know why harry, ron, and hermione loved that stuff so much. it's delightful!

#3 - grey's anatomy. yes, i've finally jumped on that bandwagon. the tax season officially ended this week and since i work in a tax office, that's like being set free after 10 years worth of prison. my bosses are on vacation while i'm here holding down the fort with absolutely nothing to do. so, i signed myself up for hulu plus and am now enjoying the sweet luxury of watching as much grey's as my heart desires. i'm not sure why it's taken me this long to watch it because it's so good! better late than never i guess.

#4 - teeth brushing interrupting dancing. boy, that's a mouthful. sometimes, the mr. will make me stop whatever i am doing, no matter what, just so he can hold me and love me. i kinda like it...a lot. one night, we were in the middle of brushing our teeth and he stopped, wrapped his arms around me, and danced with me. it was there in our underwear, with toothbrushes in our mouths, swaying back and forth to no music at all that i fell in love with my sweet boy all over again. i love the simple things he does for me. i am one lucky girl.

#5 - i think i finally know what i want to do with my life. i've had my pharmacy technician certification for over two years now and i haven't used it once. i kind of convinced myself that it was a lost cause and i was never going to be a tech and all that time i put into getting certified was a waste. then yesterday, i got started on my continuing education credits that are required to keep my certification and something happened in me. i realized that i actually really love learning about that pharmacy stuff. i knew it always interested me, but i didn't know how much i enjoyed it. since you have to get licensed in each state, it's been hard to justify getting my license everywhere we've been when i know we'll only be there for a few months. but since we'll be in cheyenne for three or four years, i looked up what kind of job openings they have. i haven't had any luck in the past. most places have actually told me that they're downsizing, so i wasn't expecting there to be any openings at all. surprisingly, i was wrong. there are two openings in cheyenne right now. i'm applying for one today. chances are, i won't get it because i don't have any experience whatsoever. if that's the case, i'm going to try to volunteer at the pharmacy on base. but if by some miracle i do get it, i would be the happiest girl in the world! prayers and crossed fingers are much appreciated.

happy weekend friends!

-the mrs.

p.s. wanna do your own 'top five friday'? just copy and paste the code below into the html tab on your blog. i can't wait to see what your favorite things from the week are!

Zachary and Sarah


  1. I know I comment too much but I just have to say that you look SMOKIN. The end.

  2. Where is this magical place that sells butterbeer??!?! We went to Harry Potter World last year and LOVED it. We even have the souvenir cups! I must know where this place is!

  3. Welcome. Welcome to the magical world of Grey's Anatomy. Welcome.

  4. @kaitlyn you don't comment too much! I like it :) but thanks bestie!

  5. @freckles and rouge. There's a place called Rocket Fizz that just opened up in SLO that has it. Check it out and let me know what ya think!

  6. @Kiana Don Haha thanks princess. You should know that Grey's Anatomy will ALWAYS make me think of you!

  7. Oh, YUM to butterbeer! For Christmas this past year, we had a Harry Potter food party and I found the most amazing recipe for warm butterbeer. Seriously heavenly...but I'm dying to try the "real" kind as well!

  8. @Andrea D A Harry Potter food party? Haha! That sounds awesome! How clever. I'm not in love with butterbeer! What magical stuff that is :)


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