good-bye abu's.

not very many things can get me out of bed in the morning.
i love sleep.
i don't know how zachary wakes up for work so early day after day.
every morning he comes in to give me the usual good-bye kiss and back tickle, while he's lucky if i even open my eyes as i mumble my 'have a good day' and 'i love you'.
today was different though.
i jumped out of bed in no time because i had to take this picture:

it's flight suit day ya'll!!
and dang is he good lookin' or what?
i'm so proud of this man.
he's got a lot on his plate and is learning so much, but he still makes time to be the wonderful husband that he is.
i couldn't ask for more.



  1. You really should consult me before posting things...

  2. Oh come on now hun...you know you love it. :)


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