top five friday.

#1 - being with family. this has by far been my favorite part about this week. i hate that i've had to work every day, but gosh is it sure fun coming home to a full house. i'm so sad they are all leaving tomorrow! we just don't get to see them enough.

#2 - another trip to disneyland! that place makes me so happy. even though it rained the entire day. i'm slightly glad that it did though, otherwise i would have had no reason to buy this baby:

and yes, us girls got matching ones. because we are that awesome.

my feet were completely pruned from being wet all day long {huge pet peeve}, but i couldn't help loving every second of being there. lines were super short too, so that made it easier to enjoy things.

#3 - the griffith observatory. i honestly had no idea that this thing even existed. arika wanted to take pictures of the hollywood sign and google maps told me this was the best place to do it. so we drove up the mountain, saw a coyote on the way, battled people for parking, and finally reached our destination. it gave us a super pretty view:

and thanks to arika, i learned that this place is actually the scene for one of my favorite movies. look familiar?

#4 - shamrock shakes. i read an article the other day that these things are to die for, so i made sure we tried one on our way home. i was not disappointed.

if you like mint ice cream at all, you will love one of these. definitely worth the couple bucks.

#5 - beach day and a campfire. zachary rented wetsuits and boogie boards for he and his brother, alex, and took a swim in the ocean last night.

they couldn't feel their feet or control their hands by the time they were done, but i think they had a good time. not to mention, they were basically swimming with real live sea otters. who does that?? it was awesome. we then made ourselves a cute little fire and had fun eating hot dogs and s'mores, while telling ghost stories.

happy friday!


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