top five friday.

#1 - beach camping! our cute friends, devin and whitney invited us to go camping last weekend and goodness was it fun. we stayed up way later than we should have and ate way more junk food than was necessary, but that's what makes camping fun right?

i'm so glad these two will be living close to us when we move to cheyenne. i see a lot of dinner dates and shopping trips in our future.

we woke up and this was our view. it. was. awesome.

#2 - the barbie and ken wedding photoshoot. i saw this on pinterest and had to check it out. maybe i'm just weird, but i was dying laughing at some of the pictures. they are so spot on! need more motivation to look at it yourself? here's a sneak peek:

so funny to me.

#3 - celebrating pi{e} day. i know i did a whole post on this already, but it was one of my favorite things from the week. so i'm sharing it again. also, i feel kind of proud that i made a pumpkin pie. i know they're not that hard, but i've never done it before, so it was kind of an exciting moment in the averett household. they actually didn't turn out half bad!

so little and cute. i love it.

#4 - these shoes:

i'm a flats and flip flops kind of girl, through and through. the only time i wear lace up shoes is to go running {which turns out, that's not very often}. but after all the trips we've made and theme parks we've been to, i'm sick of wanting to chop my feet of when we're done because they're too tire from trying to hold my flip flops on or my heels are rubbed raw. it's time to invest in a pair of shoes that will make it possible to enjoy my days. and these are the ones i want. that's all.

#5 - and finally, what i love most about this week is the fact that right at this very moment, our family is on their way to come spend an entire week with us. i'm so excited i can hardly stand it! this is going to be the longest day ever. we're meeting them in LA tonight and i cannot wait!

happy friday folks!
have any fun plans for the weekend?


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  1. You can also try sanuks. They are cute slipons that are totally comfortable. I wore them around disneyworld for a week last year and basically everyday I'm not wearing my boots. :) I bought mine in slo. LOVE them!


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